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Leaked Trailer for State of Decay DLC Breakdown

In the words of Undead Labs State of Decay Developer Sanya Weathers, you “can’t be a little bit pregnant, & the Breakdown trailer can’t be a little bit leaked” (source). In other words, now that it’s out in the vast world of the internet instead of trying to keep a lid on it the developers of hit XBLA and PC game State of Decay have embraced the trailer’s sudden existence.

The timing was probably not ideal with a storm of new console releases and all the news and reviews that they entail. Originally, Breakdown was slated for release by the end of October but was met with delays. Notably, the PC version of State of Decay has grown from Early Access into a full release last week, which means that the first DLC will be released on both platforms simultaneously. No official date has been set other than “November,” and pricing has yet to be announced.

Breakdown promises more replayability with built-in New Game Plus, a sliding difficulty scale that affects zombies and resources as well as new characters and weapons. You can check out a live stream of Breakdown played by the developers on, and we have a handy list of all the new features that will be included.