Game of the Year 2013 and Characters of the Generation Live Debates

It’s the turn of a generation and it’s about time somebody sat down and talked about the best characters we’ve had the pleasure of spending our time with. At the same time, it’s getting closer to the end of the year, so why not hold a live game of the year debate? Set to launch at 8pm EST, Leviathyn gathers its core group and digs deep for a long, drawn-out debate – only this time you can join in too!

Head on over to our handy, dandy Twitch TV channel or just sit right here and listen to our writers duke it out! Since we’re going through the process live, you’re welcome to jump in, make arguments and maybe if you’re argument is good enough, you could be the swing vote to turn the tide. First up is our Characters of the Generation debate. Each staff member was asked to come up with a list of their most memorable characters of the generation and list them in order, one to ten. Somehow, someway, we’re walking out of here tonight with the safe and secured top 10!

Right after that (and probably a short break) we’ll be diving into the motherload and unleashing our obviously conflicting Game of the Year lists! Just like with the Characters of the Generation, each staff member personalized a list of then of their very favorite games from this year. While it’s easy to get lost in personal lists, we’re here to debate the best of the best, meaning some of us will have to put aside our differences to understand when one game deserves to be above them all!

So sit back or get fired up, whichever works for you, and let’s get ready to debate!

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