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Bioware Teases Screenshots Of Possible Mass Effect 4 On N7 Day

Mass Effect 4: the game that every fan is waiting to hear more about. Bioware seem to be saying Happy N7 Day (November 7th, get it?) by sharing a selection of incredibly-teasing images and tweets with the world, detailing the future of the Mass Effect series. Could these be images from Mass Effect 4, the long-awaited sequel in the popular series? Or is it yet another developer troll? See what you think after you see the images.

This first tweet comes from Mass Effect producer Mike Gamble. If you look close enough, there’s something on the screen… an obscure shot from Mass Effect 3? Or something from 4?

Mass Effect 4

The second tweet comes from Bioware Montreal studio director Yanick Roy, introducing new characters to “fall in love with”:

Mass Effect 4


A third one comes from level designer Gary Stewart, showing something beautiful (a whole new world to play in hopefully):

Mass Effect 4


The final tweet (for the moment) comes from gameplay designer Manveer Heir, showing more of the new world:

Mass Effect 4

From what we can see, the next Mass Effect game (here’s hoping for Mass Effect 4) is well beyond the mere concept. Stay tuned though, there may be more images appearing on Twitter very soon and we’ll be sure to update this if anything gets added!

What are you hoping to see in Mass Effect 4?