E For Everyone

DISCLAIMER: I’m no expert on any topic, and my opinions are generally very wrong.

We’ve all probably heard it before, especially if you’re a Nintendo fan, the one person who’s all like, “ew, those are kids games, don’t play those dumb games”. I’m one of the people who play and enjoy the heck out of those “kids games”, so I’m going to try and explain why I think everyone should ease up a bit.

REASON #1: I remember playing these games since I was a kid. 


In case you didn’t catch that, this one is all about nostalgia. Which is kind of like feeling as if you’re younger again, only you remember things through the eyes of a younger you. By the way, it’s a great feeling, you should try it. While some people say it dilutes the thinking of an adult who should only be thinking with a mature mind, I say we should all let it roam free. If nostalgia were a physical being, you should invite it over and offer it something to drink before you sit down and have fun.

Nostalgia is powerful; it’s when we take the time to remember a period in our lives where things were different, and we were usually much younger. That’s not something we should let go of. Yes, we should learn to move on and definitely keep with the times, but going back to play Pokemon Sapphire on my Game Boy Advance is just… special. New games are great too, don’t get me wrong, but it’s good to take a look back sometimes and remember the flavours of yesteryear.

REASON #2: Fun is fun. (go figure)


“You’re playing that stupid Mario game?

“Yeah, it’s pretty fun. Wanna try it?”

“Take off, hoser! Play the new Call of Duty, that’s much more fun!”


Fun games are fun. Stop acting as if only certain games can be fun. They’re not dumb; they’re just not for you.
I enjoy playing games from Animal Crossing to Grand Theft Auto V, and that’s because they’re fun. I don’t care if the game looks childish, is easy to play, or says that it’s “E for everyone” on the box. Why make fun of someone else’s good time? Why insult them? I think games should be an all-inclusive hobby. Ask people why they think it’s fun and see if you like that sort of thing as well, and who knows? You might find a new favourite game.

REASON #3: Just be nice to Billy.


This is a pretty easy-to-understand reason, and plays off my second one.

Billy doesn’t like to be made fun of, as I’m sure most people don’t. So let’s just be nice to poor Billy. He likes video games too. You can still be friends with him, even though he plays different games than you. Billy’s a good guy.
Games are all made for the player’s enjoyment, and just because Billy gets enjoyment elsewhere, doesn’t mean you should look down on him.

I like games, you like games, we like games. Enjoy your games to the fullest, and I’ll do the same with mine. We can be friends, just be a friendly person and you’ll get a friendly reception from me, no matter what you like. Even ponies.

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