Call of Duty: Ghosts Includes Blatent Asset Thieving

When people discuss the Call of Duty franchise, one of the pieces of negative feedback you hear often is “Well, they are all basically the same game.”  Obviously that is not the case, but few would count innovation and evolution amongst the series strengths. Even among series fanatics though, this new piece of evidence takes the cookie-cutter formula to a whole new level.

The Call of Duty games are some of the most dissected releases yearly, so how Infinity Ward thought they could slide this past gamers is beyond me. A scene at the end of the first level of Ghosts is strikingly similar to the end scene of Modern Warfare 2. How similar? Youtube user “satantribal” created a video to show the similarities.

Looks familiar, huh?

Now, it is always possible that Infinity Ward included that scene as a nostalgic nod to the series past.  Unfortunately, it seems more likely that this is a case of a developer cutting corners by reusing animation and art assets. Review scores have been fairly positive for Ghosts, but a common theme between them is a lack of innovation. News like this isn’t helping the matter.

For a game series that routinely pulls in billions of dollars, I don’t think it is too much to ask to get a completely new game. People who feel that Call of Duty is just “more of the same” will have a field day with this one. Is this indicative of the series as a whole? Or are people simply reading too much into this? Comment with your thoughts on the matter.