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WWE 2K14 Review: New Year, Same Game

Another year, another WWE game. I have to say that I keep getting sucked into buy these games on the launch day even though after Christmas they are usually lowered to half price. But the updated rosters and new game modes do excite me. There hasn’t been much change in over the years but there is still fun to be had in WWE 2K14.


The game mode that has been trotted out this year is the 30 years of Wrestlemania mode. It highlights the most memorable matches from each Wrestlemania and the big ones are there like Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, Shawn Michaels vs. anybody, etc. You relive the match and each match has historical objectives that you need to follow in order to unlock extra items, such as alternate attires and championships. But I don’t understand why they were treating it like it was a new feature when they did the exact same feature in Legends of Wrestlemania. The biggest difference was that this mode just has more matches. Some of the matches are not easy and you could have a difficult time. It will give you enough fun for several hours especially since there are over 30 matches to do.

The mode that is my favorite so far is the Streak mode. You have two options, you can either play as a character and try to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania or you play as Taker and try to defeat an endless wave of opponents and see how far you can get. The Undertaker’s difficulty is set very high and it isn’t like just any opponent. Undertaker can get up instantly from one of your finishers, reverse almost anything and he can hit a finisher pretty much whenever he wants to. To me it never came across as a cheap tactic because this one of the first times in a wrestling game I feel like I’m being challenged. But the Hulkster helped me get the win, brother.

Do you have what it takes to end the streak?

Do you have what it takes to end the streak?

The other thing that has been revamped is the universe mode. This is what you’ll be spending most of your time on. I love that you can now set the rivalries instead of the arbitrary selection that the AI chose before. It’s pretty ridiculous when you have Santino as your WWE champ(although that would be awesome) and Cena feuding over the Intercontinental title. This time you can control, who goes after what title and how long the feud lasts. This now gives players a good indication, which matches are going to have cutscenes.

What annoyed me though, was the abundance of stipulation matches. I had a feud with Dean Ambrose and my custom character and for two weeks in a row it was a submission match. I found myself changing the stipulations quite a bit but it was a minor detail. Also, I tried to start a tag team feud and for some reason the computer decided to put my partner and I on opposing team for several matches. I thought I had done something wrong but everything was setup properly, I guess they just thought it would make for a more compelling feud.


The create a superstar mode is still vast and you can pretty much make any superstar from the past or present. If you don’t feel like creating it then just download it from someone else because there are already tons of people on there now to download.

The one of the biggest issues in this series is the graphics. After looking at comparisons between WWE 13 and 2K14, there is virtually no difference and after seeing how far games it’s sad knowing how much they can do with it because people like the Miz really look nothing like their real life counterpart. But due to time constraints and considering the whole THQ fiasco, it makes sense that they wouldn’t have much time to develop this kind of stuff.

This game does have several hours of entertainment and with the new universe mode you can set up any federation you want. Plus, there is more DLC coming out and I’m already laughing at the idea of putting Bruno Sammartino in a TLC match. It’s the same game though as last year with a new roster and changes (more 2 counts in matches). So the bottom line is are the two new game modes worth it? It really depends on how much you really want to beat the Undertaker and relive old Mania moments. For me, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new roster and if you’re a nut like me you’re already playing it but for anyone that is on the fence I would just tell you to wait.

These kinds of games drop in price pretty rapidly so I would say hold off because there isn’t enough to bring the casual fans. Although the game modes are very fun, once you beat it there isn’t much incentive to play again.

Take away both game modes and you still have a universe to immerse yourself in but with little changes WWE2K14 blends in with the other games

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Total Score - 7


Some new features, still the same game

Summary : Take away both game modes and you still have a universe to immerse yourself in but with little changes and quick main game modes, this makes it just okay.

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