Rambo: The Game Trailer Looks About As Bad As A Trailer Possibly Could

I am an unapologetic Rambo fan.  Despite (or maybe because of, I don’t even know anymore) the violent absurdity of the recent reboot, I still feel like Rambo is a cultural icon, and could totally rock an awesome game if given the chance.  Unfortunately, the upcoming effort from Reef Entertainment and Teyon Games doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence.

You can check out the trailer below to get an idea for yourself, but even at a glance there are a lot of obvious problems.  The graphics are the most blatant offender.  For an end-of-console game, Rambo looks absolutely terrible.  Granted it isn’t due for release until sometime next year, but I don’t know how many layers of polish it would take to clean that baby up.  Just take one look at Stallone’s character model.   Even by rough draft standards that is pretty awful.  The terrible animations aren’t helping matters, either.

Plotwise, Rambo: The Game takes the greatest moments from the first three Rambo movies and turns them into an on-rails shooter.  I hate to bash any game before it is released, because you never really know, but I think it is safe to say not many will be receiving the Rambo figurine for preordering.  I want John Rambo to get some video game love as much as the next guy, but not like this.   Never like this.