Bad Grandpa Review: A Cross-Country Trip To Remember

With the advent of YouTube and social media it could have been hard for Johnny Knoxville to shock and entertain a crowd with series of pranks and jokes in Bad Grandpa. But, somehow Knoxville hits it out of the park as he plays 86 year old Irving Zisman as he takes his grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll) on a cross country trip that is filled with mishaps and mayhem.

Unlike the previous Jackass movies Bad Grandpa has a plot. The plot for Bad Grandpa is very simple as Irving must take Billy across the country to drop him off with his father after Billy’s mother is arrested and jailed.  The simple plot helps to set up some of the antics Irving and Billy get into and also helps to develop some of the humor from the characters of Irving and Billy.

Shot in a style similar to Borat there are multiple hidden cameras set up to catch the reactions of the people that are caught in Knoxville’s path of destruction.  some of the movie’s funniest moments come from the reactions of the crowds. Such as horrifed parents looked when Billy does a striptease during a beauty  pageant to seeing how close Irving almost got punched when he tried to be a stripper a male strip club.

It is also nice to see how far Knoxville will go in order to get a laugh. This includes stealing bread from a convenience store to launching himself into a glass window to toppling over a casket in front of real people.

The acting in Bad Grandpa is actally pretty strong as Johnny manages to pulls off being the hate-abale Irving very well and does a lot of little things throughout the film to get a reaction out of people.  Also Jackson Nicoll does a very good job as the grandson Billy. As he is able to keep up with the antics of Knoxville and manages to keep himself to composed during the movie even when he has to do insane things such as dress in drag for a beauty pageant. And it also always funny to see a small child swear at a grown man.

Bad Grandpa is a movie that knows what the audience wants to see and that is a bunch of over the top stunts and pranks that border on obscenity. And, you know what Bad Grandpa delivers and if you are a fan of the Jackass movies be sure to see Bad Grandpa in theaters and make sure you stay for the credits. As the credits have plenty of behind the scene footage that will be sure to make you laugh.

Also, keep and eye out for information on the Blu-Ray/DVD for Bad Grandpa as it could have plenty of deleted scenes such as those of Spike Jonze who plays the old lady Gloria. Such as one scene where Gloria and Irving visit a sex therapist. 

If you have seen Bad Grandpa be sure to leave your impressions of the film in the comments below.

Fans of the Jackass franchise will find a lot to laugh at in Johnny Knoxville’s new film Bad Grandpa.

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Total Score - 8.5



Summary : Bad Grandpa delivers on the laughs for those that like to see the antics of Johnny Knoxville and the crew of Jackass.

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