for everlasting peace: 25 years of mega man

OverClocked ReMix Releases First Commercial Album

OverClocked ReMix, the mecca of video game music remixes for over ten years has announced their first ever commercially available album in collaboration with Capcom. For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man pays tribute to the venerable franchise and many of its classic themes throughout its many spinoffs and incarnations.

The two disc album features 21 tracks that span a variety of genres that show off the best of what talented ReMixers can create; from rock to funk to electronica there’s something for everyone. Sampled tracks span the history of our blue hero by featuring tracks from the first game of each series, from the original series to Mega Man X, Battle Network, and beyond.

Many of OC ReMix’s most famous artists contributed to the album, including William Harby (WillRock), Christopher Lee Getman (Mazedude), album director Shariq Ansari (DarkeSword), and OC ReMix founder himself, David W. Lloyd (djpretzel). Capcom Community Manager (and host of the amazing podcast VGMpire) Brett Elston got the ball rolling: “I’m a big VGM fan, a big OC ReMix fan and have access to all kinds of people within Capcom. When the light bulb went off, I immediately pinged internal Capcom folks as well as OCR, and by the time PAX East rolled around, the ball was rolling on the album you’re about to enjoy.”

David “djpretzel” Lloyd jumped at the opportunity to work with Capcom again in an official capacity: “When Brett & Capcom approached us with the idea for a 25th anniversary Mega Man tribute album, we felt the time was right to try something a little different, and began planning our first commercial, fully-licensed album. Our goal with this album was to branch out and expand the scope of what our community releases, to reach new ears, and to open new doors for future opportunities.” Lloyd assures the VGM community that OC Remix will continue in its longtime role of hosting free musical arrangements, and hopes that this album can be the first step toward other projects.

“I’ve always felt that the music from Capcom’s legendary franchise is incredibly diverse, wonderfully catchy, and very approachable from an arranger’s point of view,” director Shariq “DarkeSword” Ansari mentions, “I’m happy to say that we got an incredible pool of talented artists to dig into all the different iterations of Mega Man and his games’ music and put out some awesome tracks.”

OC Remix and their stable of talented contributors are no stranger to putting out albums grouped together by games, themes, and genre. The prolific website currently features 80 such albums, including the massive Final Fantasy VI tribute album Balance and Ruin that was funded by Kickstarter and released for free earlier this year. OC Remix have also previously worked with Capcom in producing the official soundtrack to the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man can be purchased digitally from iTunes and Amazon, and physical CDs can be purchased from CD Baby.