Xbox One Will Play CDs and Support DLNA Streaming

When Sony released a giant FAQ regarding all things PS4, many people were upset to find out that the PS4 doesn’t support audio CDs, MP3s, or DLNA streaming. Penny Arcade Report asked Microsoft to find out whether the Xbox One supported these features, and it turns out it does all these things…somewhat.

The Xbox One will play audio CDs without any problems. The article also mentions that the Xbox One supports DLNA streaming, and that it’s in the process of being certified. I’m not sure if that means the service will be available at launch or at a later date. Regarding MP3s, the Xbox One can stream any content from Windows 7, 8, or Windows Phone using the “Play To” feature, which technically allows the Xbox One to support MP3s in a roundabout way. Music streaming will also be available with an Xbox Music Pass subscription.

The back of the Xbox One console.

The back of the Xbox One console.

It looks like the regular methods (like simply importing music from an external device) for playing MP3s on the Xbox 360 and PS3 are long gone for the new consoles. I’m sure there are plenty of people who are into playing their own music while playing games, so the fact that this simple process of importing music is gone is probably a huge bummer for them.