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Trailers of the Week 11/2/13: Dead Rising 3, Walking Dead: Season Two, Call of Duty: Ghosts, And More!


Take A Suck?

You’ve gotta give it to Tecmo: they aren’t afraid to innovate. Following the somewhat disastrous Ninja Gaiden Tres, the company has taken the bold step of outsourcing the game to an American studio, Spark Unlimited, and adding a hot new backdrop to the action: zombies. With Ninja Gaiden Z: Yaiba, Tecmo is trying so hard to be Capcom and just can’t quite make it, but it’s kinda adorable to watch them try.

The game itself? Less adorable and more gross. Developer Spark Unlimited (you know, the Lost Planet 3 guys) have seemingly embraced the least desirable traits of Team Ninja’s heyday efforts, taking the immaturity to it’s absolute breaking point. When the ridiculously cartoon dimensions of your token female character aren’t even close to the most cringe-worthy thing in your trailer, you are probably doing something very, very, wrong.

Elsewhere, though, there are legitimate reasons to get excited. Dead Rising 3 looks to be returning to it’s goofy roots, which is very reassuring after the somewhat drab E3 demos shown previously. And while Battlefield 4 might already be out on current generation consoles and the PC, but their new multiplayer trailer is far too good not to share. That game has the potential to be something really, really cool on the next generation systems. Speaking of potential, Basement Crawl came out of nowhere this week, with a really, really interesting and creepy trailer. I’m interested to see what comes out of that Playstation 4 exclusive.

Although, if the Walking Dead: Season Two is really going to be exclusive to the current system, I guess I’m going to have to keep the Xbox around a little while longer.

Most importantly, we now know the story and character motivations behind Need For Speed: Rivals. Hopefully it’ll tie into the Aaron Paul movie (yes that is a real thing.)


Games Featured

Ninja Gaiden Z: Yabien: 0:21-2:15

Battlefield 4: 2:23-4:22

The Walking Dead: Season Two: 4:24-5:12

Dead Rising 3: 5:13-6:00
Basement Crawl: 6:01-7:56
Need For Speed: Rivals: 7:57-8:55
Call of Duty: Ghosts: 8:56-End



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