Microsoft Confirms that Kinect Can’t See Your Face

In order to reassure prospective Xbox One owners that their privacy will be secure with the new Kinect 2, Microsoft has released an updated privacy statement to address the issue.  The statement directly deals with what the updated Kinect can and cannot do when it comes to storing and sharing your personal data.

In the statement, Microsoft explains that it is simply not possible for any outsiders to find and save an image of your face from the Xbox One.  The statement also says that although the Kinect  “measures distances between key points on your face to create a numeric value that represents only you,” it would not be possible for anyone to “look at the numbers and know they represent you.”

“This authentication information stays on the console and is not shared with anyone,” the statement reads.

Microsoft continued expanding on the Kinect’s ability to interpret your emotions and expressions.

“Some game titles may take advantage of a new Xbox capability called expressions. This feature allows you to use your defined facial expressions to control or influence a game,” said Microsoft.

“This data does not identify you, stays on the console and is destroyed once your session ends,” the statement explains.

Honestly, this privacy update from Microsoft is incredibly reassuring for those who were concerned about how much player information the Kinect saved including facial features and voice details.

(Source: Microsoft)

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