Titanfall Exclusivity Gets Clarified

With the news breaking yesterday that Titanfall would not be coming to PS4 “for the life of the title”, people started wondering.  Does this mean that the entire series, and any potential sequels, would remain exclusive to Microsoft and PC?  Would Respawn develop any games for PS4?  Are Bill gates and Vince Zampella, founder of Respawn, actually best friends and in cahoots!?

Well, a little light was shed on the situation today.  When asked directly if this meant all future Titanfall games, Zampella tweeted “first game.”  However, it seems that a complete exclusivity deal wasn’t always in the cards, as evidenced by this tweet.



It would appear that Respawn’s plan was to focus on the Xbox One at launch, and then possibly port it to PS4.  Unfortunately for Sony adopters, EA inked a deal with Microsoft to put that baby to bed.  I’m sure many people will be reading into Zampella’s adorable frowny face emoticon, but it could mean anything.  He could be sad that EA made a deal without his knowledge, or he could be extending his sympathies for PS4 players who won’t get to experience Titanfall.  Who knows?

One thing is for sure:  Microsoft payed a heck of a premium to get this deal locked up.  WIth the rave reviews Titanfall has been garnering, this is obviously a huge get for Microsoft.  However, with its projected success, Respawn could ask for more than a single company could pay for any future exclusivity deals.  As it stands, this is a giant coup for the Xbox One.

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