WWE Hell in a Cell Review: Slighty better than Battleground

The only thing we can hope for from this show is that it will be better than Battleground and right now, it’s not going to be hard to do. I almost have no excitement for this show but considering we didn’t have long since the last pay per view then that pretty much explains it. Let’s see if the WWE can peak my interests right now:

HIAC1Kickoff: Damien Sandow def. Kofi Kingston

You would think they would give Sandow something to do since he has a briefcase but it’s pretty clear that they don’t see Sandow as a champion and he will not be successful in his cash in. Kofi is another guy that is just there. These are two talented guy that could help elevate their mid card titles if you make them look strong. The match is what it is, not bad by any means but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these two go at it. It’s not terribly exciting but we weren’t going to be amazed anyways.


WWE Tag Team Title Match: The Rhodes Brothers(c) def. The Shield and The Usos

Now this match was pretty good! I wasn’t thinking much of it but damn, the Rhodes Brothers are making people care about the tag team division. Both of them are having the best years of their careers, where people are turning them into huge stars. This match had the excitement that you could want in an opener. Every team was firing on all cylinders. The tag team division is actually looking up where each team in this match would be a worthy winner. I hope this leads to strong matches later and we have new tag teams too.


Fandango & Summer Rae def. The Great Khali and Natalya

Man, did I want to skip this match. Natalya should be in the Divas Title match and not in these type of matches. As expected, Great Khali brings this match to a screeching halt and kills any momentum that this pay per view had going for it. Fandango isn’t a star with this character and the best shot he has is winning a mid card title. But I guess this is WWE’s idea of “comedy”.


WWE United States Title Match: Big E Langston def. Dean Ambrose(c) via countout

Poor Big E, he was probably going to win the Intercontinental title until Curtis Axel got injured. But he should just be glad that he is getting pay per view time or any tv time for that matter. I’m still a big fan of Dean Ambrose and I think he’s just paying his dues until they will “allow” him to win any major title. The ending was just a screw you to the fans because they just wanted to keep both guys strong but they had to put on a match. Big E has been building to this title but now he is settling for the US title. This match wasn’t very good and now we had to endure this nothing match.


Handicap Hell in a Cell: CM Punk def. Ryback and Paul Heyman

Man, this feud needs to end. It was cool and exciting at first but I wish they could have saved the Lesnar match for later because with how awesome that match was, it could have been the punctuation for anyone feud. Instead, we get more Ryback matches. Ryback just isn’t star quality. They give him these high profile matches but he chokes in the end and his skills have not improved. This match didn’t need a Hell in a Cell but I’ll admit that it was a great way for Heyman to be in the match but not really. The cage barley came into play for the match and people just wanted to see Punk lay into Heyman. We got that at the end, uninterrupted so hopefully this ends the feud. It was fine for what it was but I’ve seen Punk and Curtis Axel fight enough times on RAW.


Los Matadores def. The Real Americans

This match has happened so many times on TV so why are we watching it on a pay per view. Los Matadores are so ridiculous especially when you have two Puerto Ricans as Spaniards. Although these are two talented guys so I’m glad they are getting a chance to shine. Cesaro proves what a star he is and that swing is getting over but I still don’t buy that as a finisher. It’s the same match they’ve been working and at least the tag division has viable people now.


World Heavyweight Title Match: John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio(c)

John Cena deserves a lot more credit than he gets in the internet community but I do think he should have gone away for a little while longer. It’s hard for others to appreciate what he’s done when he’s barely gone. I have no problems with him and I think it was pretty disrespectful to boo him the RAW after SummerSlam after putting Daniel Bryan clean as a whistle. The fans booed him again but I can at least say that there were more cheers than boos. These two have fought many times and Cena at least got the crowd fired up. I enjoyed the match and they did the right thing by putting the belt on Cena. It brings legitimacy back to the World Heavyweight Title and Alberto Del Rio wasn’t doing the belt any favors. I don’t know what they have planned for Cena down the road but I look forward to it.


WWE Divas Title Match: AJ Lee(c) def. Brie Bella

Here is the divas match that we get! It’s the divas match and I don’t expect anything amazing ever. AJ is the only diva that means anything and they need some fresh divas in this division because she has beaten everyone in the division, clean so there is nothing left but I’m sure we will get someone like Naomi or Kaitlyn to go after AJ.


WWE Title Match with special guest referee Shawn Michaels: Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan to win the vacant title

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan 3: THE REVENGE! I was not excited for this match but Bryan sure does make you excited and the crowd is still red hot for him. The cage only came into play a couple of times and we will never see anything wild like we used to back in the days of Mankind and Undertaker. It was the match of the night again due to the skill of Daniel Bryan. But the ending has got to frustrate people. There are people who say that this is not a burial and I agree it’s not since Bryan is still hot. However, it just looks like a colossal waste of time. The ending of SummerSlam made sense with Orton cashing in but they really should have let Orton go over at Night of Champions if they are just going to put the title back on him. The title has been vacant for a month and instead of having a champion, we only get screwjob finishes. So, I think you know this means we get more Orton vs Bryan at pay per views. Why should people continually pay for the same match?

Final Thoughts:

Was this a better pay per view than Battleground? Yes, but not by much. Battleground was a huge middle finger to the fans and this one will not sit well with fans either since we haven’t had a definitive ending to this feud yet. But I’m hoping we will see the end of Punk-Heyman so Punk can move onto something else and Heyman could build up Ryback. Once again, when you have matches that are impromptu and have zero stakes, it makes it feel like an episode of RAW. I understand WWE holds back the high caliber matches for the larger pay per views but can we at least get some matches we’ve never seen before?

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