GTA Online Beach Bum Pack Details Announced For November 2013

GTA Online players will be glad to hear that they’re getting loads of new content in November 2013, including a new pack that gives you new guns and vehicles and Community challenges! The Beach Bum pack has been announced, and is set to feature all-new beach-themed vehicles and new weaponry that you will be able to use in both GTA Online and the Story mode. Sounds pretty awesome! As well as this, you’ll be getting new customization options for your character, including new tats, hairstyles, and more, and there’ll be loads more new jobs for you to sink your teeth in to, including Survivals and Last Team Standings. They will have you bloodying up the shores of Los Santos in no time. This first add-on content update (which is completely free) will be available early November, so keep watching out for more information and (hopefully) some screens.

As well as this, Rockstar announced other information regarding the GTA$ Stimulus Package. This was previously announced a couple of weeks back and was to be given to anyone who played GTA V Online that month as a thank you for putting up with the issues. However, Rockstar have announced that they want to ensure that the game progression loss issues are fixed before distributing it to everyone (no sense getting it if the game will delete your save, right?). This will come with a few more tweaks and fixes that should hit around next week.

You’ll also be getting a Content Creator pretty soon, around this fall. This will give GTA V Online players the chance to create, publish, rate and play custom Deathmatch and Race jobs. If you manage to make a truly impressive one, Rockstar will be keeping an eye out and will stamp is as ‘Rockstar Verified’ so they’ll get featured on Newswire and as part of the GTA V Online Social Club events! Like the Beach Bum pack, this is completely free.

Finally, as mentioned above, you have the GTA V Online Social Club event weekends. These are due to start in November and they’ll bring you special rewards and bonuses ranging from limited-edition in-game Event Crate drops to in-game discount specials. It’s the perfect chance to grab yourself some new gear in the game, and all by being social!

More information should be shared about the above features next week, according to Rockstar, and there’ll be more details on the upcoming content for both Story mode and GTA V Online in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

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