Telltale Teases The Walking Dead Season Two Info

In a cryptic Twitter post seen on their profile yesterday, Telltale Games teased that information about the second season of The Walking Dead adventure will be released on Tuesday, October 29th at 12pm Pacific/3pm EST.

The post said nothing more than “Keep that hair short,” including with it a picture of the famous ballcap belonging to season one main character Clementine, who has been confirmed to play a role in the second season.

The first season of Telltale’s popular adventure game was a somewhat surprise hit that took game of the year awards from many varying outlets (and was my own personal pick). The game featured some characters and locations from the graphic novels, and also delivered a strong story that forced players to make difficult decisions. For more about The Walking Dead, read our review, or check out our let’s play video of the 400 Days DLC below.

(Thanks IGN)