GTA Online FAQs

Navigating Los Santos can be tough.  With your schedule already full with missions and races, the flurry of gang violence, shoplifting, modding and trolling can be overwhelming.  We feel your pain, so we have put together this handy FAQ to help ease your transition into your virtual world.  If you are anything like us, you will be spending a hefty amount of time there, so its best to know the basics.

What’s the first thing I should do in GTA Online?

We have created a guide just for you noob.  Check it out, play the game a bit and when you find yourself thinking, “I wonder if anybody else is having this problem?”, come on back to us.

What kind of apartment should I buy?

Kind of depends on what you are looking for.  I would suggest waiting at least until you can afford a six-car garage.  That will last you for a while; by the time you need more than six cars, money should be the least of your concerns.  We know the upcoming heists will require at least one person to have a “high-end” apartment, we’re not sure yet what exactly that entails.  My bet is that you will need one of the ten-car garage apartments for this, but that is just a hunch.

Can I have more than one apartment?

Nope, sorry.  You can have one place only, but you do get half the price of your old apartment back.

All of the high-end Eclipse Towers apartments look the exact same on the inside, save for a higher viewpoint.

All of the high-end Eclipse Towers apartments look the exact same on the inside, save for a higher viewpoint.

How do I power level my stats?

We also have a super handy guide detailing this, but you’ll find it is fairly easy.  Shooting, driving and stamina go up naturally, and neither take a significant amount of time to maximize.  Stealth can be tricky, but if you want to cut the time down, create a private online session, go into sneak mode and pop a rubber band on your controller.  Half an hour or so should just about max you out.  Flying is a tad easier, if more time-consuming.  Replaying air races is a terrific way to level it up, and make some change in the process.

Is there a way to protect myself in Freemode?

Yep, it’s called passive mode, and it helps, although it is imperfect.  While in free mode, hold select until your menu comes up.  You will see passive mode listed as one of the options.  It cost $100, and is designed to keep you safe while traveling Los Santos.  A few caveats, though.  it only works while you are on foot, so it is best utilized when using your phone, such as when you need to deposit money or call somebody.  While it does a fine job of protecting you from bullets, I have been ran over and killed multiple times while in passive mode.  I’ve heard Rockstar is working on the issue, but as of now, make sure you are away from the road when trying it.

What is the best way to obtain my vehicle?

Short of going and picking it up, you mean?  Calling your Mechanic is the best way to do it.  With a few exceptions, he will deliver any vehicle you own directly to you in a matter of seconds.  This comes with a few caveats:  He works best when you are close to a road, as he will sometimes fail to deliver if you are in an obscure place.  He will rarely bring it to you if there are hostiles around, so be mindful of that.  If you notice a vehicle that you own isn’t on the list when you call him, that means it has probably been destroyed.  You will need to call Mors Insurance to get it back.

You are unlikely to get your vehicle delivered here, for example.

You are unlikely to get your vehicle delivered here, for example.

What is a Bad Sport?

Have you seen this pop on your screen?  First off all, shame on you!  You become a bad sport by one of two ways:  quitting matches, and destroying other players’ personal vehicles.  Do either of those things enough, and you will eventually be shunted off into a game with only other Bad Sports to keep you company.  One quirk to note:  if you have a bounty placed on you, it seems you can destroy personal vehicles yo your heart’ content.  So there’s that.

What is the best way to queue up jobs?

If you want to join a quick match, you can go to your phone to do so.  Open your phopne, and click the middle-left option, Quick Job.  Provided you have reached the requisite rank, you can queue up a quick random race, mission, deathmatch, survival or parachute jump.  If you  want to pick your job, you have two options:  1.)  Physically drive to the location of the job on the map, or 2) Hit start, move to the Online tab, click Jobs, and select the Host Job tab.  This will make you the host of any job you want, and is the best way to ensure you have everything set up just like you want it.  Note that this can be done with any mission except the cooperative missions given to you be certain players (Ron, Lester, Simeon etc.).  Those must be accessed through your phone.  If you are having trouble obtaining one, just give a mission-giver a call, and click Request Job, although it is random which job you will get.

What is the fastest way to make money?

As far as we have found, the best way to quickly make money is as follows:

1.) Gather a single friend.  This works best with two people.

2.) Load up the Criminal Record race.

3.) Set your session to closed matchmaking.

4.) Race repeatedly.

Laps can be done in about thirty seconds, with the winner netting around $3500 and the loser getting about $200o.  Simply replay the mission as much as possible, and you can easily rake in over $100000 in an hour.  This has the added bonus of giving you wins for whatever class of vehicle you are racing in, which is useful for unlocking mods quickly.



 How do I do heists with friends?

You don’t, at least not yet.  As of the time of this writing, heists are not available yet.  People like Lester, Ron and Martin all have some fun cooperative missions, and you can always roll deep into a convenience store, but as of now, large-scale heists will have to wait.

What is the best way to ditch the cops?

Call Lester.  Provided you aren’t in the middle of a mission, and have reached rank 21, Lester will immediatly drop your wanted level to zero, even if you are in plain sight of the police.  If you are mid-mission though, you will have to rely on conventional means.  Keep your eye on your mini-map, ditch any stolen vehicles if possible and don’t be afraid to hide on foot.  The cops are tenacious, but the game does a god job of recognizing when you are not in their line of sight.  If you were wearing a mask when committing your crime, removing it will drop your wanted level by one star, so keep that in mind.

Hopefully, these tips will help you better enjoy Los Santos!  Note that while this information is current, Rockstar may choose to change any of this via patches, so stay tuned to Leviathyn for up-to-date info on this and the rest of your favorite games.