Trailers Of The Week 10/25/13: Killzone, Battlefield, Batman, Ace Attorney, And Next-Gen Basketball

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War. War Never Changes. In The Night. 

You can say a lot of mean things about EA’s flagship next-gen shooter, Battlefield 4. You could say it’s derivative of previous Battlefield games; that it’s attempts at dethroning Call of Duty reek of desperateness. That the resolution is bad on the Xbox One.  

But. BUTWhatever you say about Battlefield 4 cannot take this one thing away from it: the genuine innovation in the combat.In Battlefield 4, you are no longer limited to simply punching humans in the face. No, that would be far too simple for the Next Generation™. Battlefield 4 has doubled the amount of enemies you can punch in the face, introducing dogs into the pantheon of punchable characters. Truly, the next generation of video game warfare is upon us.

Take that, Call of Duty.

Elsewhere, the next generation’s approach hangs in the air. Batman: Arkham Origins and Saint’s Row 4‘s first downloadable content expansion, Enter The Dominatrix, look fun, but the visuals are definitely looking old in the tooth, especially when compared to the stunning Killzone: Shadow Fall and Need For Speed: Rivals trailers. And man, NBA 2K14 might just make me care about basketball games, if only for how downright gorgeous it looks on the Playstation 4. Poor NBA Live 14.

The next generation is coming in the night, and we’ve been waiting for this moment all our lives.


Batman: Arkham Origins 0:25 – 2:26
Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies: 2:27 – 5:42
Saints Row 4: Enter The Dominatrix: 5:43 – 6:24
Battlefield 4: 6:25 – 8:34
Killzone: Shadow Fall: 8:35 – 10:35
Need For Speed: Rivals: 10:37 – 12:28
NBA 2K14: 12:29 – End


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