State of Decay

The New Features of State of Decay DLC Breakdown

Earlier this month, Undead Labs announced the first downloadable expansion pack to their hugely successful open world zombie game State of Decay. Breakdown is the fruits of the designers’ wishes to create an even more freeform sandbox mode to State of Decay’s campaign, eschewing character vignettes and an overarching story to allow for randomized starting locations, a multitude of playable characters, and a built-in New Game Plus allowing you to technically play forever, assuming you’re a seasoned zombie survivalist. Check out the recent 40 minute stream of Breakdown, and enjoy our break down of all the notable new features.

Want even more sandbox in your zombie apocalypse? Read on!

Want even more sandbox in your zombie apocalypse? Read on!

  • Choice of starting difficulty, though you must unlock them as you progress.
  • Difficulty affects scarcity of resources (including cars), survivors, zombie damage, density, type (more fast zombies), and more freak zombies!
  • Higher difficulties contain only a handful of cars on the entire map.
  • Dozens of starting characters to choose from.
  • Initially only Random Character is available as a starter but more are unlocked via in game accomplishments such as killing zombies and performing headshots.
  • Starting characters range from recognizable former NPCs from the main campaign (such as Sergeant Erik Tan and Judge Lawton) to random survivors with their own unique backstories and skills.
  • All starting characters come with their own personalized equipment and special abilities.
  • New starting weapons include a battle axe, pirate cutlass, and mic stand as well as custom guns.
  • 25 random starting locations.
  • New RV mechanic works like New Game Plus, allowing you to leave the current map and respawn a new one with fresh resources, albeit much harder.
  • Sweet paint job on the RV!
  • Choose up to six members to take with you when using the RV to change maps, as well as a fraction of your resources. Difficult decisions will be made!
  • Lilly returns as your official radio operator and NPC.
  • Check-In feature highlights any member away from home so you can find them. Useful when it’s time to change maps.
  • Moving to a new map gives you a stat sheet of your accomplishments, many of which are used to unlock additional characters.


Breakdown looks like a great addition for players that might’ve found the base game too easy once they’ve mastered the mechanics and should offer even more replayability to the already incredibly emergent formula. Barring any real life zombie apocalypses, Breakdown should be available by the end of the month for Xbox Live Arcade (PC release date still forthcoming as it’s still under Steam’s Early Access program); no price has been announced.