5 Halloween Games for Horror Babies

While the gaming community as a whole holds a certain reverence towards classic horror titles such as Amnesia, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill, there’s still a large population of us who, despite our respect for them, simply can’t handle playing horror games. Maybe it’s the stress and anxiety, maybe it’s stemmed in some deep-seated fear accrued long ago, or maybe it’s that we’re just too dainty to handle the pressure, but whatever may be the case, horror games tend to leave us cuddling a blanket at night with all the lights on.

Of course, we horror babies still want to have fun and celebrate Halloween without all the terrors that horror fans so crave. Well my fellow scaredy cats, allow me to recommend five great games for Halloween that won’t have you calling your mom at 3am when things go bump in the night.

1) Costume Quest


Double Fine’s adorable downloadable title is a Halloween game through and through. A small-scale RPG featuring turn-based elements, Costume Quest takes you on an adventure to reclaim your dorky twin after they manage to get themselves captured by a candy-stealing witch. Collect costumes to engage in fights with enemies, use unique abilities to discover collectibles and secrets, go trick-or-treating door to door for candy, and enjoy the clever and hilarious dialogue that ensues as you engage with the characters and the world around you.

Costume Quest is one of my favorite downloadable games, simply because it’s fun and unique in all the right ways. It can be a tad repetitive, but the sheer number of things to collect and areas to explore makes the game an absolute gem that shouldn’t be missed by anyone wanting to celebrate Halloween this year.

2)Dead Rising


Sure, it might be all about slaughtering hordes of the undead, but unless the sight of decaying flesh really messes you up, Dead Rising is more about the absurd ways in which to kill zombies than it is about any actual scares. Strap on clothes, slice up zombies with chainsaws, drive over the corpses with vehicles…really, anything goes in Dead Rising, and it’s even more fun to play when you’ve got someone by your side in co-op.

No real scares to be found here, and this one is a great novelty that allows for hours of open-ended fun. Seriously, the scariest part about this game is its in-game save points and the times you’re trying to reach them without getting killed.

3) Beyond: Two Souls


Yes, it’s an emotionally resonant game that masterfully tackles relationships and one girl’s struggle for normalcy, but Beyond: Two Souls has its surprisingly horrific moments that make it a great game to play in time for Halloween. It’s all about spirits and paranormal activity, and there were several times I found my heart beating a little bit faster when apparitions appeared or possessed bodies tried to thwart my forward advancement. It’s not likely that these moments will cause you to lose sleep at night, but you might find yourself wondering whether or not you heard or felt something go by in the dark long after turning it off.


4) Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon


Nintendo has declared this the year of Luigi, and the release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon earlier this year kicked things off for Mario’s green-favoring brother on the 3DS. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a charming game that encourages exploration, hides many secrets, and sees you strapping on a Ghostbusters-like vacuum and sucking away all of the ghosts hiding out in several different mansions. It’s just the right mix of fun and spooky that can please anyone of any horror tolerance level on Halloween night.


5) The Walking Dead


Yes, it does have its handful of jump scares, but The Walking Dead has a more significant sense of dread than terror. Based on the popular comic series, The Walking Dead is Telltale’s adventure game that managed to clean up Game of the Year awards from many outlets around the web. And for good reason; after all, the game’s emphasis on choice and its ability to connect you to its characters and world in a real and meaningful way left it feeling incredibly resonant for all the right reasons. Really, the most terrifying thing about The Walking Dead are the choices, and whether or not you’re able to make one you feel wholly comfortable with. Still, the game’s apocalyptic setting and resident undead enemies make it a great choice to sit down and play this All Hallow’s Eve.

Have any other game recommendations for us horror babies? Share them in the comments below!