Slender: The Arrival to Release on Steam

Just in time for a holiday in which we willingly subject ourselves to terror for fun, publisher Midnight City in conjunction with developer Blue Isle Games has announced that Slender: The Arrival will be releasing on Steam on October 28th for $9.99. No release date for consoles is yet known, although creators are targeting Q1 2014 for release.

Building on the events of Slender: The Eight Pages, The Arrival puts players in control of Laura,  real estate agent tasked with finding her missing friend Kate after attempts to sell Kate’s scenic home. Armed with a camcorder and a flashlight, players will work to solve the mystery of Kate’s appearance while trying to survive the horrors of the Slender Man.

Promising a “dark, foreboding atmosphere” and “story fraught with terror,” Slender: The Arrival is definitely a title horror fans should watch out for when they celebrate Halloween this year.

Meanwhile, I’ll be playing Pokemon, because anything scarier than a zombie is likely to deprive me of sleep for a few weeks.