NYCC 2013: What We Learned About Batman Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins made its presence known at this year’s New York Comic Con with both a playable demo of the 3DS / Vita counterpart, Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate, and a packed panel late Saturday night. With the Joker himself, Troy Baker, the lovable bat, Roger Craig Smith, and the creative director of Arkham Origins, Eric Holmes, in attendance, here’s a rundown of all the hype-inducing information that was spilled at NYCC.

Scheduled for release this fall, Batman Arkham: Origins will be set before the previous two titles, giving the player a chance to see the Bat before he became Gotham’s greatest hero. Roger Craig Smith (voice of Batman in Arkham Origins) confirmed that we’ll be seeing a much more emotional Batman this time around, someone without all the answers. Creative director Eric Holmes also noted that with this being such a young Batman, the police are still unsure of how to handle the masked vigilante which will come up often during the course of the game.

Watch the full panel below.

After sitting down with Smith and Baker, both understood the legacy of the roles and were careful not to stain the revered history of their characters. “I totally understand what it’s like to hear someone that you are so in love with.” Smith continued, noting that a younger Batman allowed him a bit of flexibility with his voice work. “Thankfully, I don’t have to sit there and be the poor soul who thinks he’s going to somehow improve upon, emulate, or even match Kevin Conroy’s performance because you can’t do that.”

Baker after voicing a few minor roles in Batman: Arkham City, namely Two-Face and Robin, was brought back in to voice the next iteration of Batman’s most iconic enemy. He’s no stranger to important roles though, having voiced Joel in The Last of Us and Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite. But is that experience enough to rank him among the iconic Joker iterations of Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger?

Rest easy worried Batman fans. Troy Baker is not only a perfect fit for the role, but a huge Batman fan as well. “I used to rush home at 4:30 every day to make sure I could watch Batman the animated series … This was a 25-year process, not just being the Joker, but being in the Batman world.” Panel guests were treated to a sneak peek of Baker’s magic when he recited the Joker’s monologue from The Killing Joke, a speech that left the audience covered in goosebumps and standing in applause.

The Arkham Origins panel also broke the news of the new assassin, the Electrocutioner, who as his name would suggest, electrifies things. Watch the leaked reveal trailer here.

Expect to crack heads and don the cape again when Batman: Arkham Origins is released on October 25th.