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Rockstar Addresses GTA Online Decreased Repeat Mission Payouts

Rockstar has set up a Grand Theft Auto Online Status Update page where they hope to keep gamers informed of any issues that may be affecting GTA Online.   They are also using the page to explain any patch notes and issues that gamers might have with changes including the reduced repeat mission payouts.

After gamers began to complain to Rockstar about the change, the company responded with this statement:

“For those of you inquiring about mission payouts, there was a change that reduces payouts by 50% after a repeat of the mission. So, basically, the first time you play and beat the mission, you will get the full amount. Subsequent replays will see a payout amount reduced by half.

This is to help prepare for upcoming missions and content in the Beach Bum Pack, as well as heists to help keep the game balanced, as well as to encourage the exploration of new missions and content in the game.

We understand players do like to enjoy a mission multiple times, so rather than remove the possibility of doing so, we’ve allowed replays of these missions at a reduced payout. Many players can get very good at a mission and beat it much faster in consecutive tries, so we’ve adjusted these payouts to match that case.

This also ties in to our ongoing discussion of replay availability for NPC missions, in which we are taking community feedback as well.

I apologize that there was not full clarity on this in the patch notes; however, hopefully this note will clear things up. If there are any additional questions on this, please do not hesitate to ask.”

While I understand their reasoning for the change in payouts, I also understand the frustration that some games may feel after Rockstar took away a feature that they had been enjoying.  Currently it does seem like the company has no intention of restoring the payouts to their previous rates.  But for more information on updates and GTA Online issues you can check the page at any time or submit your own questions to Rockstar.

(Source: Rockstar)