Goodbye for now, multiplayer

Goodbye For Now, Multiplayer

DISCLAIMER: I’m no expert on any topic, and my opinions are generally very wrong.

Most gamers around the world have played multiplayer games at least once, so why stop? Here is my reasoning for quitting multiplayer games.

REASON #1: You’re not very nice.

goodbye for now, multiplayer1

Alright, thank you, I get it. I understand how much you think I suck, I really do. You can stop with the name calling and such, there’s no need for it.

Why is this a thing? Why do gamers jump at each other so much? We should be friends, we are allies on the playground of the video game we’re playing. Even if you’re on the other team, you should be my challenging opponent who gives me an internet high-five and says, “Good match, buddy,” after we’re done. Then we go on our way and feel good about that match, and we not only feel civilized, but that it actually was a good match.

Maybe it’s a little too much to ask for people on who play the games I do to be nice. That could just be back luck though, as I could always be on a string of games where I’m constantly being harassed by people I can guarantee are much younger than I am. It doesn’t help anyone, even the person whipping said insults around, to be so aggressive to people you will likely never meet. It gets you nowhere and it does nobody any good.

I’m sick and tired of joining a match where either I or someone else ends up being called out and verbally abused in nonsensical ways. Why bring gender preference into your insult, and what does someone being a homosexual have to do with their ability to play? Even if they do like to rub with someone of their own gender, it’s disgusting how many people look down on homosexuals and use it as an insult to someone. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like for actual homosexuals and being called out on it and abused by some 12 year-old online. It’s not any better for those who are of different ethnicities and being abused by racial slurs.

I can’t stand it, and it’s completely repulsive and turns me off from playing most multiplayer games.

REASON #2: Come on, you have all the good stuff already.

goodbye for now, multiplayer2

My second reason is a simple but big deal for me–matchmaking.

I can’t stand being placed into a multiplayer matched where I’m insanely outgunned. Having players that are 20 levels/ranks above me is not cool, man. I don’t feel like being blown up all the time by somebody in a chopper while I don’t even have access to the rockets yet. I guess this could pose a challenge that I could rise up to and try to man-up to prove I’m better without all the flashy hardware, but that’s not me. I just wanna have an even and fun match that’s fair for all.

Matchmaking can make me quit a game’s multiplayer portion really quickly. Having me lined up against a pre-made team of people who consistently play together is no fun at all. Some games have modes where you can separate yourself from games with groups, but a lot don’t. It’s unbalanced, having a team that’s pre-made and communicating to each other. One could argue that I should just communicate with my team, but I shouldn’t have to go out and buy a headset or even try to learn a new language to have a co-operative team. I just think it should be a fun time for everyone to enjoy with the evenly-matched teams.

REASON #3: I didn’t do that, I swear.

goodbye for now, multiplayer2

We’ve all had it at one point, where we either walk too far or are sure we got that kill, but didn’t. Lag – the reason we drove off that cliff or kept running into a corner only to to be an easy kill. It’s a real pain, and I get it all the time. Of course those with good connections won’t have much of a problem, but it does happen, and it doesn’t make anyone happy. This is a rather personal beef, as some people can deal with it, but I hate it. I like having a crisp connection to the game, where my failures are all my fault.

A lot of the time it’s because there aren’t any dedicated servers, but I guess the Xbox One seems to fix that for all their games. We’re finally moving on, and I don’t have to be in someone’s hosted game out of Mexico or in Europe while I sit in Canada. Hopefully the dedicated servers move forward to all platforms for most games. Here’s to the hope of a lag-free online gaming experience in the future!

In closing:

Multiplayer may just not be for me, but I just like to complain and hope maybe one person reads this and tells me that they agree, even if the rest tell me I’m dumb. But multiplayer should be an invitation, a mode where it should be inviting to people who normally don’t indulge to just play a few matches, and then maybe a few more after that. The game developers want us to keep coming back, and I can see it, behind all of those skin and multiplayer packs they keep releasing.

We should all be hopeful for multiplayer games moving forward, but I’m going to remain cautious and make serious faces with my arms crossed while developers tell me while their multiplayer is so fantastic and different.

Tell me what you think by commenting down below! Come on, you know you want to do it.

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  1. Harry

    I do agree with all of these points, sadly. As you began to point out in #2, there’s an inequality between gamers in games a la COD or Battlefield thatbuse progression based classed, restricting features of the game makes them feel superior/inferior.

    I yearn for Unreal Tournament to return with a playerbase in numbers. There, there will only be a skill barrier between players – and I know for a fact that I compliment opponents and help out allies. When the barrier is access to better weappnry, well then, what’s the point in playing against each other if it isn’t a fairly matched ground? Where every player has the same chances as another player…

    • Alex M.

      Exactly, it’s very discouraging when matches are uneven matches because of a silly leveling system. Even if games want to keep those systems, there should be a separate set of lobbies without that, with more of a wild deathmatch feel with all weapons available to everyone who joins.

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