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Under the Radar: The Somme

War is common in video games; whenever a setting needs a conflict, war is the probably the first thing to come to mind.  Specifically World War II has to be one of the most prevalent settings in shooters alongside the sci-fi setting.  World War I, World War II’s oft-forgotten older brother, has significantly fewer video game entries to bolster an era that was just about as bloody as any other war in history.  TopHat Studios is hoping to rectify this situation with The Somme, an objective-based, multiplayer FPS looking to be graduated through Steam’s Greenlight.

Even before R.R.Martin the night was dark and full of terrors.

Even before R.R.Martin the night was dark and full of terrors.

[three_fifth]Despite the unbelievably dapper studio name and logo, The Somme is looking to be a bit darker and grimmer.   Essentially more befitting of the tense trench warfare of World War I and the Battle of Somme from which the game takes both titular and map design influences.  “Influence” might actually be too weak a word to describe the aspirations TopHat Studios has for The Somme.  They are looking to reach an apex of historical accuracy with the models of the guns and the maps that players will be able to use and war across.[/three_fifth] [two_fifth_last]

“We are carefully studying the weaponry so that we have accurate animations, correct posture and most importantly viewing pleasure. “


The video below is an animation test and a rather impressive one at that.

Although three maps are currently announced for The Somme, the size of those maps has not be defined.  The inclusion of “vehicles” suggests that they maybe large enough purely on-foot travel would get tedious.  I use quotations around vehicles because while there are proto-tanks and various armored cars, players also have the option of riding horses and calling horses “vehicles” just sounds weird to me.  The developers primary example is for them to be used to quickly cross no-man’s-land with them and it seems the horses can die, as it’s mentioned that players will want to stow them somewhere safe when they aren’t in the saddle.

The Somme will feature four, different factions on both the Eastern and Western fronts of the war (I hope I’m right in assuming two factions per front) that will be able to use those vehicles .  Four seems to be a relatively common theme as, along with the four factions that each boast unique weapons and equipment, there will be four classes to help each squad make the push to capture whatever the objective of the map is: the medic, infantry, heavy gunner, and officer.

The Somme - gasmask marksman

While not an in-game screenshot, TopHat’s skill in modelling is very apparent.

If you’re interested in the game, help it along on Steam Greenlight (a link is above in the article) and follow TopHat Studios on their various social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, as well as their personal website: tophat-studios.co.uk.

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