Coppelion Episode 3 Review: Enter the Delivery Man

There have been some hints scattered here and there as to what is going to happen next in the latest episode of Coppelion. We knew that there was another group out there, and that they were helping people who were still trapped in the city. Now that comes to the front of the stage in episode three of Coppelion. Picking up shortly after the end of episode two, the third episode starts with Ibara, Aoi, and Taeko as they head out to search for another SOS signal. Meanwhile, the Vice Principal has a conversation with Heiji, the man that was rescued in the first episode. Apparently Heiji was an inmate at the prison as well, and had been left to die in there when the disaster had first occurred.

The Vice Principal gets a call from Coppelion, whom are currently located outside the prison itself. Apparently the wolf that has been following them found a set of keys and led the three girls to the prison. The wolf runs out of cover and is approached by two men in hazmat suits. When the three girls report the fact that the set of keys have tiger stripes with three stars, the Vice Principal insists that they capture the two men immediately and that he and his chopper are on their way.


So Ibara jumps out of hiding to talk to the two men. As one of the men have a gun, Ibara does the smart thing and tells them that she has the key and that if she dies they will never find it. If you’ve been watching the past few episodes, you know how this song and dance goes. The two guys in the hazmat suits are baffled by the fact that Ibara can walk around without one, and you know the rest. Aoi and Taeko come out of hiding and give the key back to the two men. It is also revealed that the man referred to as the Professor is also the delivery man that has been giving supplies to survivors trapped in the city.

The Professor, his assistant Kamata, and the three girls all board the truck. While they are onboard, the Professor shows them the fruit that was grown underground since the surface isn’t a viable option for obvious reasons. He is also caught up to speed on the status of the people still in the city. Apparently the reason that supplies were not getting to people like the Kawabata family was because of the increasing levels of radiation in certain areas. I had a feeling that the radiation was more than simple nuclear radiation, and some of the things that the Professor says support the possibility of that. There is currently one resident left that needs to be rescued, Granny Ayame.


So they try to drive to the location of Granny Ayame, but they reach one of the heavily irradiated zones and cannot go any further. So Coppelion volunteers to go ahead and search for Granny Ayame. The Professor gives them a radio in order to maintain contact with him and Kamata. While searching for Granny Ayame, the three girls are contacted by the Vice Principal. He tells them that the Professor is none other than Denjiro Shiba, a scientist that worked for Tristar Industries and is the one responsible for the creation of the plant where the accident occurred in the first place. Coppelion’s orders are to not let him escape. Denjiro hears all this on the radio, and says that he has no intention of running or hiding.

Granny Ayame contacts everyone on the radio, crying out for help. Apparently a giant monster crow is flying around, but it is unclear if it is about to attack or if it is already attacking. Giant mutant crows, just what every post-disaster ruined city needs. So Coppelion heads to the art museum where Granny Ayame is located, with Ibara taking the lead once again. Ibara finds Granny Ayame’s radio, but there is no sign of her. As the rest of the group arrives we finally see the large crow. As it turns out, it is just a stealth bomber. Oh and apparently Taeko has super vision, like binocular eyes that can zoom in and get a lot of detail on anything.


Ibara, whom apparently has athletic ability ten times greater than that of a normal human, runs toward where the stealth bomber is landing. As Ibara gets close she sees Granny Ayame getting dragged onto the bomber by two men in armored hazmat suits that make them look more like robots or space marines than ordinary humans. The two men spot Ibara and open fire. Of course this doesn’t do much as apparently Ibara is like Neo and can dodge bullets because she can run really fast. Using a smoke grenade, Ibara buys Granny Ayame time to escape from the two men. The bomber closes up and flies away.

Denjiro, Kamata, Aoi, and Taeko arrive at the scene on a jeep. Denjiro orders Kamata to take Granny Ayame to safety, while he and Coppelion hunt down the escaping bomber. How are they going to do that? With a rocket launcher that Aoi found offscreen of course. But that won’t happen until the next episode, so we’ll just have to leave it with a freeze frame of everyone in a jeep and leave it at that.


So far Coppelion has done a good job at slowly leaving hints and clues as to what may happen next. Although I didn’t think there would be yet another unknown group operating in the shadows, but I imagine we will learn more about them in future episodes. We also get a better idea of what the girls of Coppelion are capable of, although I do wonder if there is some scientific reason as to why the entirety of Coppelion consists of all girls. We also get to learn more about the kind of people who were left behind, and while I can see why some would justify leaving a prison full of criminals behind it makes no sense why anybody would leave the elderly behind. Sure they might take some time to evacuate, but it doesn’t seem right to abandon them.

But overall this was a good episode, providing viewers with no information without overwhelming them. The pacing is good, and so far the series is staying consistent. I look forward to seeing the next episode, and what new information will come to light next Wednesday.