A Quick Look at Kingdom Hearts III’s Gameplay

Square Enix and Disney have released a small gameplay clip for Kingdom Hearts III during D23 that shows off some new abilities and attacks. Oh, and there are some new enemies in there too!

While it doesn’t look to revolutionize the established gameplay, it definitely seems as if they’re keen on adding a lot of neat abilities to the roster. You can even ride on a boat as if it were a theme park ride, and trains! It also helps that the game, even in its early form, looks stunning. They really have a lot of fun with the art direction and love to use those vibrant colours, it’s great.

The game is, obviously, a work in progress. Anything shown in the video could just be for hype, I’m sure there will be a lot of time between now and the release for the developers to change anything they want.


I’m a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, so I can’t even express how excited I am to keep moving forward in Sora’s story. What about you, does this gameplay clip help tide you over at all or does it just add fuel to the fire of anticipation? Comment below!