See the New Steam Controller in Action

When Valve announced the Steam Controller, many wondered how people were actually going to play games with such a unique looking controller. In an attempt to assuage some fears, Valve released a video demonstrating how the Steam Controller works in games like Portal 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Civilization V, and Papers, Please.

With the two trackpads, it’s obvious that the Steam Controller is trying to make playing genres that have been typically confined to a mouse and keyboard playable with this gamepad. It’s impossible to tell if the controller will feel comfortable and natural just from a video, but if anybody has the cachet to try something crazy and unique like this, it’s Valve.


The Steam Controller is fully configurable, allowing players to change any buttons to any functions they want. In addition, the entire Steam library will be compatible with the Steam Controller. The controller is able to do this by tricking older games that don’t have controller support into thinking that they are being played by a mouse and keyboard.

The Steam Controller isn’t the only thing Valve announced recently. Valve unveiled the Steam OS, which is a operating system dedicated to playing Steam games. Valve also announced Steam Machines, which will be hardware you can place in your living room to play Steam games from the comfort of your couch.