New Mega Pokemon Announced Ahead Of Pokemon X And Y’s Release Tomorrow

Pokemon X and Y have taken over the gaming news world with their imminent worldwide release tomorrow, and with this comes a slew of new Mega Forms for you to digest. Be warned though: some people consider looking at the Pokemon before the game is out a spoiler, so if you’re that kind of person then there are some mega spoilers coming right up!

CoroCoro magazine, the place where all the amazing leaks happen, has once again shown us three new Mega Forms:

Pokemon X and Y Mega Forms

The first two new Mega Form Pokemon are Mega Tyranitar and Mega Aggron, who both look pretty awesome but personally I’m on the fence about. Mega Tyranitar is a Dark/Rock type who knows Sand Stream, so it will make a good addition to most teams. Mega Aggron  is still a Steel type who knows Filter, which powers-down super effective moves. Very nice! Tyranitar looks a little weird with the spikes though, so I think I’ll reserve my judgement until I’ve actually used it.

Pokemon X and Y Mega Forms

The final new Mega Form is Mega Gengar (shown on the right in this CoroCoro scan). I’m not going to lie: it looks freaky as hell. But it’s certainly an interesting design! It’s a Ghost/Poison type that knows Shadow Tag. So will you be using one of these new three forms in your journey? According to the Serebii Mega Evolutions webpage there are even more Mega Forms that have appeared on the Internet since people have started getting their copies of the game. Beware: more spoilers below!

These new forms include a Mega Gyrados, Mega Alakazam, Mega Pinsir, Mega Gardevoir and even more!

Are you looking forward to Pokemon X and Y coming out tomorrow? Who will be making your team?