Coppelion Episode 2 Review: The Price of a Life

So imagine this. You, your spouse, and your child are trapped in a ruined city still heavily irradiated by a nuclear disaster. Your child has gone missing, supplies are scarce, and you can’t go outside without wearing a hazmat suit. Odds are someone isn’t getting out of the city alive. What do you do? Go. That is a situation that several characters find themselves in in the second episode of Coppelion. That said, lets take a look at episode two.

When last we left off, it was implied that Taeko became some random wolf’s chew toy. As Aoi and Ibara search for Taeko, they find bloody tracks that lead to the injured wolf. The wolf has a bullet wound, which clearly wasn’t not caused by Taeko as she was unarmed. Ibara and Aoi turn around to see Taeko being held hostage by a guy in a hazmat suit. He demands to be given back his little girl, only to have a can of whoop-arse opened on him by Taeko. Ibara patches the guy up while Taeko tends to the wolf’s wound.


As it turns out, the man is looking for his child who has gone missing. Our trio of high school girls get orders from the Vice Principal to help the man find his child as he glances at a picture of what appears to be him with his wife and child. I wonder if we will get some back story for the Vice Principal at some point beyond that photo in his locker? So the man leads Ibara, Aoi, and Taeko to where he, his wife, and their child live, a hospital with a sterilization room that has remained contamination free. Not only that, but they have solar panels that provide electricity. Rather convenient living space, but what about food? Well apparently a supply truck from an unknown group used to come by every week, but hasn’t shown up lately.

In the next scene we see the make shift, yet cozy looking, house of the man and his wife. Ibara, Aoi, and Takeo take showers and get comfortable as they become acquainted with the couple. The couple are Kawabata and his wife Yukiko. Apparently Miku, their daughter, left to go pay her respect at the grave of her mother located out on the race track. Oh yeah, apparently Yukiko is the step mother as Kawabata’s first wife died a few years ago. We also get some background information about Kawabata and Yukiko: they are prisoners from the old jail and have been living in the city for some time now. In this scene, it becomes clear that Kawabata deeply cares about his child. To the point that he wants to get her out of the city above all else, no matter what.


So Ibara, Taeko, and Kawabata all head out to go find Miku while Aoi stays behind with Yukiko. Although they don’t get far, as the group arrives at the edge of territory that is so heavily irradiated that even normal humans with a hazmat suit can’t go in there without dying. The grave of Kawabata’s first wife is in the middle of that area, so Kawabata can’t go in there. Ibara and Taeko press forward while Kawabata stays behind with the wolf.

Meanwhile, Aoi explains who she, Ibara, and Taeko are and why they are referred to as Coppelion. It has something to do with a comical french ballet known as Coppelia. In short, Coppelion consists of living dolls like the doll in Coppelia. Seems like an odd choice of name to give to girls that go into the city to save people, but they certainly could have come up with worse names. Back to the search party, Taeko and Ibara arrive at the race track and search for Miku. They find the grave only to find out that Miku isn’t there.


Back at the hospital, Aoi gets out of the bathroom and sees that Yukiko has disappeared. She calls Taeko and Ibara to let them know. The three of them together then realize that they were sent there on purpose, and that Yukiko has gone to where ever Miku really is. Oh and Kawabata vanishes as well. So the three girls meet up and have their faithful wolf companion track Yukiko’s scent. The wolf leads them to a hotel that is leaning, and doesn’t look safe to enter at all. So Ibara moves in on her own to find Yukiko and Miku. She finds Yukiko and Miku, with Yukiko aiming a gun at Ibara. Miku isn’t in good condition though, and her suit is nearly out of oxygen. Yukiko disagrees with her husband’s view to get Miku out of the city, believing that the two of them would get arrested again and that Miku would be on her own.

In a scene which shows that Ibara may not be particular stable in terms of her being an artificially created human, Yukiko has a change of heart when Miku pleads with her to let Ibara take them out of the city. Unfortunately for them, the building starts to collapse as if on cue. Ibara manages to hold onto Yukiko’s hand, but is struggling to maintain her grip. Realizing that both her and her daughter are in danger, Yukiko sacrifices herself and falls to the ground below by throwing up toward Ibara’s reach.


Although Miku has been rescued, the job is not over yet. Kawabata is still missing. A smoke flare is spotted, however it is in the area that is far too irradiated for any human to survive in. So the Vice Principal air drops Ibara down to the sight where Kawabata has collapsed. Ibara is about to hook him to the cable and airlift him out, but Kawabata tells her to leave them. Kawabata declines, not wanting his daughter to see him die. In his final moments, Kawabata says that he wants Miku to smile. As the Vice Principal and his helicopter fly off to safety, Ibara, Aoi, and Taeko get back to their search for more survivors. The episode ending with a hopeful outlook in spite of the events that transpired earlier.

So far, episode two mixes up the pace with more drama and way less action. It serves as a informative, yet depressing side story about some of the people who were still stuck in the city and what they were willing to give up in order to make sure that a loved one would make it out alive. We learn more about Ibara, Aoi, and Taeko as well along with some new information that may hint at things to come. It has been implied at least twice during this episode that there is a third party that is going into the city for unknown purposes, and I’m sure it will come up again in later episodes. I didn’t really have any problems with this episode, I just can’t wait for the next episode to come out. You can check out Coppelion for yourself by going over to VizAnime, Viz Media’s streaming website where you can watch a great variety of anime for free.