Walking Dead: Pre-Season Refresher

It’s been a long eight months since we got to dig our teeth into the Walking Dead. Combine the bitter taste the season three finale left in our mouths with the final season of Breaking Bad, and you may have all but forgotten about Rick and the gang. Fortunately, it’s that time of year again. October means two things: girls running around in slutty nurse costumes and the Walking Dead. Whether you damaged your long term memory or purposefully tried to forget how last season ended, here’s a recap of everything you need to know before season four starts.

New Guests

There will be a lot of new faces at the prison this time around after Rick’s decision to bring over the remaining folks from Woodbury. More hands means more power to defend the prison right? Not in this case. The Governor weeded out everyone who was even remotely capable of handling a weapon to join his “army,” an army that he eventually killed. The only people left are small children, the elderly, and the injured / incapacitated. Good luck finding anyone that will be able to carry their own weight in this lot. So why decide to bring on more mouths to feed? While it never hurts to have more walker fodder, Rick did this to reinstall a sense of community and show that sometimes, the ethical answer is the right one. Who’s to blame for that? Carl.


Carl Shot / Murdered Someone

Carl’s growing up in a world where his friends and family are dropping like flies and morality takes a back-seat to survival. He’s headed on a downward spiral and Rick knows it. That Woodbury kid didn’t stand a chance when he came across Carl outside the prison. The show cleverly left a bit of ambiguity as to whether he was actually surrendering or if he thought he could outsmart this kid with a gun pointed at him. Regardless, Carl shot him point blank and Hershel’s convinced it was an execution. Expect to see Rick and Carl butt heads on the debate between morality and survival.

Tyreese Is Here To Stay

Tyreese-walking-deadWhat we thought was set to occur midway through season three ended up being dragged out until the final episode. The strong, level-headed, and morally decisive brute that is Tyreese has now officially joined the ranks of the prison gang and boy, am I glad to see it. Tyreese became a fan favorite in the comics and I expect his human counterpart to quickly follow suit. But we can’t forget what drove him out of the prison the first time: Rick’s mental break down. Let’s just hope that’s just water under the bridge now.

No. More. Andrea.

Andrea hasn’t exactly been the fan-favorite of the show (unlike her comic book counterpart), annoying everyone with her hormonal-fueled decisions and often ludicrous actions. And while we’re all thrilled that no more time will be wasted developing Andrea plot lines that lead nowhere, Michonne hasn’t been taking to the news lightly. For such a strong, emotionless character, it was gut-wrenching to see her reduced to tears in the final moments with her best friend. Fingers crossed that this won’t be the last time we see Michonne open up emotionally.

The Governor is Still Out There


This is probably the biggest thing to remember from season three going into season four. He hasn’t appeared in any of the trailers but David Morrisey has been confirmed to reprise his role as The Governor. He doesn’t forgive and certainly never forgets, and now The Governor’s not only seen the prison, he’s been inside it. And though it may only be him and his two henchmen, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the Governor.

Those We Lost

Not everyone made it through season three alive, and here’s a quick refresher on who bit the dust last season.

  • T-Dawg

    Bet you forgot about this guy …

  • Andrea
  • Oscar
  • Merle
  • Lori
  • Hershel’s Leg
  • Allen
  • Axel
  • That loud backpack guy
  • And many, many more

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