Veteran Elder Scrolls Modders Launch Kickstarter

Modders with extensive experience with Elder Scrolls titles, including an entire 40 hour expansion pack for Oblivion, have decided to embark on their own game-making journey. You may also recognize their senior developer from projects such as the TES Alliance – a website full of resources to teach, encourage and foster a growing modding community. Druid Gameworks now has a large team behind them, ranging from writers to artists, poised and more than ready to start building their own game from the ground up.

The drive for the game comes from their own experiences working on AAA game mods, feeling that these big companies are releasing diluted content and forgetting the real heart of RPG games. The kickstarter for Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight details their plans for an open world style ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ game with many ways to interact and change the world around you – without a main storyline to restrict you. They hope to increase replayability with the sheer amount of different playthrough options instead of trying to stuff everything into one experience.

unwrittenAn example of their beautiful concept art.

While the game is still mostly in concept-art stages, the team have a lot of solid plans for every aspect of their game, being quick to show off their visual engine of choice as well as continuously developing lore. The page has currently been updating consistently to discuss their ideas for mechanics like their unique magic system, races and asset development.

Even though the project has run into some initial problems due to having to amend their backer tiers, even the developers have noted that the support from hardcore RPG fans have been immense so far. Frankly, I recommend the $30 tier that nets you two copies of the game and a soundtrack. Join Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight’s fast-growing fan base and get involved!