WWE Battleground Review: One to Avoid

Here we go again. This is a pay per view that I was certainly not looking forward to. We’re getting another Bryan and Orton main event. Luckily, the bar has been set pretty low after the last pay per view. So, let’s dive into WWE Battleground:

Battleground1Dolph Ziggler def. Damien Sandow

The pre-show kicked off with this match and it served as a fine warmup to the crowd. Nice to see Ziggler actually winning a match. Although, if he had lost to Sandow then he might as well just call it quits and go to TNA. I really don’t understand WWE’s booking. If you win the Money in the Bank briefcase, you automatically go on a losing streak. Don’t they realize that you are trying to promote this guy as a future world champion? Sandow really shouldn’t be the champ, as much as I want him to. WWE has done a fine job of burying him to pretty much everyone on the roster. I don’t remember the last match that Sandow has won since Money in the Bank. That being said, Ziggler’s path isn’t looking so good either. Both of these guys deserve better

Battleground2WWE World Heavyweight title match: Alberto Del Rio(c) def. Rob Van Dam

Well, this one was an improvement after their last match. Rob Van Dam is supposedly on his way out for a bit and I guess that means he is willing to take more risks. Del Rio is perfectly capable of putting on a good match and I’m glad to see that they were given more to work with. I wish Ricardo would have turned on RVD just so he would go back to Del Rio. His pairing with RVD is pretty awful and makes no sense. But glad to see Del Rio putting on a decent match, too bad all the awesome faces are involved in a feud right now.

Battleground3The Real Americans def. The Great Khali and Santino

Pretty awful match right here. This match only served one purpose, to see Great Khali in the giant swing. It was pretty funny seeing Cesaro swinging him around but I was scratching my head as to why that was the finish. I guess he was so disorientated he couldn’t break a pinfall. This match was added at the last second and boy does it feel like.

Battleground4WWE Intercontinental title match: Curtis Axel(c) def. R-Truth

Curtis Axel is just so dull that he can bring down any match. I’m sure he can do better but so far he has been bringing down the match quality of all of his recent matchups. It’s really hard to take a champion seriously when he loses every match he is in besides a title match and his title opponents are picked from a hat. You could already tell what the outcome was going to be and this match about put me to sleep.


WWE Divas title match: AJ Lee(c) def. Bria Bella

I don’t understand how the Bellas are now faces. Wasn’t this the same duo that called Natalya fat and ugly just a few months ago? They suddenly become faces because AJ doesn’t like their show or something. AJ is still dominating right now and they are going to need a fresh face to take on AJ because there is nothing left for her in the current division. But the match? It’s a Divas match, what more do you expect?

Battleground6The Rhodes brothers def. The Shield

This was the biggest surprise of the night and match of the night for me. This match has something going for it unlike the rest, EMOTION! A simple story that has been building for awhile now. Cody is having the best year of his career right now. He went from generic heel to one of the fastest growing faces in the company. Goldust was no sloth either during this match. Both of the Rhodes brothers worked hard to impress everyone and they did just that. The Shield could afford the loss, they’ve won several tag team matches but this one had some stakes in it. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Rhodes this year. Cody would be the perfect person to challenge Del Rio for the title and to bring some life to the title.

Battleground8Bray Wyatt def. Kofi Kingston

Bray Wyatt can deliver a great promo but a match? That remains to be seen. I wish they could give him some kind of story after Kane. Right now he is pretty much squashing the mid-card staples like R-Truth and Kofi, who have lost countless matches this year. He is pretty slow in the ring and he has yet to impress in the ring. The match was a typical RAW match so nothing great or offensive but hey that crabwalk was pretty cool.

Battleground9CM Punk def. Ryback

Now, these two have met before and it’s been a year so maybe Ryback has gotten better, right? Well, not so much. Ryback does try but Punk is light years beyond him so Punk can’t go all out. I think this should have been the match with the hardcore rules and they could have beaten the hell out of each other like the Lesnar match. The match was decent but that’s only due to Punk carrying the guy throughout the whole thing. I’m also not a fan of ending the match with a low blow, unless that was a call back to their match last year. I don’t know what else to expect from Punk and Heyman but the story is wearing a little thin.

Battleground10WWE title match: Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan was ruled a no contest

So the name of the game was how would Daniel Bryan be screwed out of the title tonight. This match started out very slow with Orton giving Bryan his slew of headlocks. I wasn’t terribly interested in this match until the very end. The crowd actually started going crazy for every move done. You actually thought “hey, everything might be ok” then all of a sudden, here comes the Big Show. Show knocks out Bryan and you think Orton is going to win. But then Show knocks out Orton. What? Then the pay per view just ends? The match was getting good towards the end and now you cut us off with THAT finish? The ending was such a WCW finish with no winner. So I guess this means we get Big Show for a series of triple threat matches now, oh joy.

I cannot recommend this pay per view as a whole. The matches were very lackluster and the only ones worth seeking out are the Rhodes/Shield match and ADR/RVD. It boggles my mind that WWE expects people to pay $45 for a pay per view and then end it that way where they make you want to watch RAW. Are ratings that bad right now during the football season that they need pay per views to sell free tv? If they are going to do this kind of stuff then maybe offer these B-Shows at a discounted price like $25 or $30. Especially, when there is another pay per view just three weeks away. I guess SummerSlam sucked up all the awesomeness that all the other pay per views suck.

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