Bionic Dues Launch Day Livestream

Interested in taking part in a launch day livestream for indie developer Arcen Games? Bionic Dues is, well, it’s due out today and we’re bringing you live coverage of the game with developer and CEO, Chris Park! Partake in the madness at 11am EDT!

Arcen Games has been pretty busy as of late. Shattered Haven, A Valley Without Wind 2, Skyward Collapse and now Bionic Dues are all titles that have come out this year! Bionic Dues is a turn-based robot action strategy game; emphasis on the robots. With RPG elements and a lite rogue-like approach, Bionic Dues is a crafty, involving title that we can’t wait to show you! Chris Park will be present, answering all manner of questions and telling us how wrong we’re playing, so be there.

The stream begins on Monday, October 8th at 11am EDT! You can watch the Bionic Dues stream right here or you can head over to our Twitch TV channel!

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