Xbox One Will Be A Dream For Achievement Videos

This generation of games has brought a lot of innovations:  online play has exploded, downloadable games have become standard and people play not only to beat games anymore, but also to claim the achievements and trophies within.  While some gamers don’t care about these arbitrary rewards, a large sect of them live to hunt down every last achievement or trophy, often resorting to online guides and thousands of runs to nail the required trick.  Thanks to a newly revealed Xbox One feature, finding a video showing you exactly how to get that tough achievement will be even easier.

We’ve known for a while that the PS4 and the Xbox One will both have video capture functionality, but a new revelation by Microsoft sounds particularly cool.  As revealed on Kotaku, the Xbox One will automatically record and save videos whenever you get an achievement.  No work on your part; just complete the requirements for the achievement and your Xbox One will save the video for you and the world to enjoy forever.

Microsoft caught a lot of flak over the Xbox One, but this is a legitimately cool feature.  While it will obviously be cool to have the videos to show off to your friends, the biggest use will most likely be for online achievement hunter videos.  I’m going to go ahead and throw this disclaimer out: expect a lot of achievement videos on YouTube.

What do you think about this?  Does it sound like a feature you might be interested in?