SimCity Might Be Coming Offline

Do you remember the SimCity launch?  Well, I do.  I also remember how traumatic it was for many gamers who couldn’t play or download the game for a long time after the March launch.  The problems occurred mainly due to overloaded servers and performance issues that were caused by the always online component of the game.  In fact, this has continued to shadow the game’s success, as gamers were not fond of the mandatory gameplay option that Maxis insisted was the only way that SimCity could be played.  They were very clear in the fact that SimCity could not be brought offline.  And that’s just the way things were until recently when on the SimCity blog, a curious statement was made.

“Right now we have a team specifically focused on exploring the possibility of an offline mode,” said Patrick Buechner, General Manager of Maxis’ Emeryville studio, on the game’s official website “I can’t make any promises on when we will have more information, but we know this is something that many of our players have been asking for.”

“While the server connectivity issues are behind us, we would like to give our players the ability to play even if they choose not to connect,” he added. “An offline mode would have the additional benefit of providing room to the modding community to experiment without interfering or breaking the multiplayer experience.”

It’d be interesting to see if Maxis could actually bring SimCity offline.  I have to admit the turnaround is pretty abrupt, as Maxis had been adamant that SimCity could not be played offline in any way.  But yes, it is true that for the most part the server issues that plagued SimCity are gone, so I’d definitely enjoy playing offline.  Hopefully we’ll hear more from Maxis soon.

(Source: Simcity Blog)