Pokemon X And Y Final Evolution Pictures for Starters

It’s been one of the biggest Pokemon X and Y speculations so far, and finally the final evolutions for the three starter Pokemon have been revealed. This all comes thanks to a leak from early retail copies of the games. Currently there’s not much known about the final forms at the moment. Beware: these may be considered spoilers, so if you’re waiting to evolve your lovely Pokemon and see the final form while you play, consider this your warning!

Pokemon X and Y Final Evolution  Pokemon X and Y Final Evolution Pokemon X and Y Final Evolution

First we have Chesnaught, the final evolution of Chespin. It’s a grass/fighting type and looks pretty kick-ass. Our second evolution is the final form of Froakie, called Greninja. It’s a water/dark type, and actually reminds me of Polygon crossed with a Polytoad! And the final third evolution, which is my personal favourite, is Delphox. Delphox is the final evolution of Fennekin, and is a fire/psychic type.

So which of these is your favourite? Personally I’ll still be sticking with Fennekin (fire has always been my starting Pokemon).



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  1. Tom

    Interesting typings I would say,
    Although Grass/Fighting sounds quite painful, considering the common Flying pokemon and Flying moves >.<

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