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GTA Online Tips and Tricks for New Players

GTA Online is a much bigger experience than simply the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto V. New gameplay concepts are introduced and many aspects are not readily apparent. Read on for some important tips and tricks to help jump start your fledgling criminal career.


  • You must complete the initial tutorial missions before the game opens up properly and you can be invited by friends to go on missions. You’ll know you’re there when you can see blue markers all over the map. The tutorial consists of: an initial race with Lamar and random people, robbing a convenience store, delivering drugs, customizing and choosing a personal car, and a Last Team Standing mission.
  • Choose a good car during the tutorial to make your personal vehicle – many of the initial upgrades and paint jobs are all free for your initial purchase (courtesy of one of your first mission contacts – Simeon), and they can get pricey for future vehicles.
  • Hold Select/Back to open your quick menu. From here you can change your clothing and accessories amongst the pieces you’ve purchased, start an impromptu race, change your personal vehicle settings, and enable passive mode.
  • Impromptu Races can invite players in a large radius around you to race to a waypoint you set and bet on the winner. Make sure not to use the waypoint from a mission as the finish line could be in the middle of a gang war!
  • Beginning a new session of GTA Online, changing servers, or entering freemode from doing instanced missions will always spawn you near your personal vehicle, which is also fully repaired for free.
  • Purchasing a garage or residence gives all vehicles stored there a tracker and a mechanic keeps them repaired and delivered to you when you want them.
  • The only way to keep super sports class cars are from purchasing them via the in game website; Los Santos Customs will not outfit them with a tracker.
  • Wear a mask to rob stores (purchasable from the same location in Vespucci beach as the single player game). Removing the mask afterward will automatically drop your wanted level by 1 star.
  • After you rob a store, it will close for a period of time. Find another one or just change servers.
  • At rank 10 you gain the ability to put bounties on other players. This marks a player as a red dot for anyone on the server to see and converge on. Make sure your revenge is worth the cost.
  • Missions require a certain rank, but only of the host. If you’re invited you can join any mission regardless of your own reputation.
  • After a recent patch, the death penalty only affects you in freemode. It costs 5% of your total cash up to a maximum of $5,000, regardless of how much you have on you.
  • Any amount you carry on you over $5,000 can be dropped and picked up by other players, and the game will remind you of this every time you have a lot of cash on you. Note that you will always drop $100 regardless.
  • No need to visit an ATM: simply open your browser on your phone, go to Money and Entertainment, Maze Bank, and deposit your cash into your bank account. Leave yourself some money on hand for betting before matches. Make it a habit to deposit your cash after doing any missions, and enter passive mode if you’re close to nearby players.
  • Sell stolen cars to any Los Santos Customs shop once per in-game day for a surprisingly good payout depending on how damaged the vehicle is. Look for high-end sedans and SUVs especially. Avoid the cops!
  • Being a “good player” gives you cash rewards every so often. Avoid destroying other players’ personal cars and quitting matches prematurely.
  • The Violent Duct mission, issued from Gerald, is an excellent source of cash and a good mission to farm. It’s 1-4 players and involves a single grouping of gang members, followed by a single easily dispatched car full of bad guys. Deliver the drugs for a huge $9k profit for a few minutes work. If you have a good group, repeat until you’re all filthy rich (selecting Replay also puts you mere feet away from the objective). Note that difficulty only affects the RP you gain, NOT the cash payout. Run it on easy!
  • You gain a 10% RP bonus for completing missions with crew members. Find a good crew or make your own with friends.
  • After completing a mission you can choose to Replay, Enter Freemode, or vote from six randomly selected instanced missions. If you don’t like the list, vote to Refresh it. If Freemode wins, the server will attempt to put everyone together on the same freemode server.
  • Note that when selecting freemode after a mission, the game will put you in the exact same spot you ended in. If you just parachuted onto an island, you might want to choose another mission before having to make the cross country journey back in freemode.
  • Save your progress properly by selecting Leave GTA Online in the Pause menu or switching over to single player using the character switcher.


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