Season 3 League of Legends 2013 Worlds Championship Recap

Season 3 of the 2013 Worlds Championship was capped off last night in a spectacular fashion. In front of thousands of fans at the Staples Center, China’s Royal Club faced off against South Korea’s SK Telecom T1 in a best of 5 series to determine which team would be crowned as Season 3 World Champions.


Game 1

By picking Malphite in Game 1, Royal had a clear strategy in mind: engage in team fights. But SKT picked up on this and all picked champions with a great disengage. Every single SKT champion had some sort of jump or dash to be able to easily leave fights that were unfavorable for them. But it turned out that SKT didn’t even really need to disengage, as they won every lane by a significant margin. With such a powerful early game lead, they snowballed into a 30 minute win.

Winner – SK Telecom T1 (1-0)

Game 2

In a surprising turn of events in the pick and ban stage, Royal didn’t ban Zed, allowing SKT’s mid laner Faker to pick the ninja assassin. Zed was almost universally banned throughout the entire World Championships, and it was shocking to see Royal allow the best mid laner in the world to choose such a strong champion. Unfortunately for Royal, this risk didn’t pay off, and SKT again ended up winning every lane during the laning phase. Royal did show some signs of making a comeback, with a great flash crescendo combo by Tabe’s Sona to score an ace for Royal 16 minutes into the game. But SKT managed to start a team fight when Tabe wasn’t there, giving SKT a man advantage in a decisive team fight that would lead to SKT killing Baron and eventually Royal’s Nexus.

Winner – SK Telecom T1 (2-0)

Game 3

Down 2-0, Royal decided that it was time to mix up their strategy a bit by going with champions that were stronger in the laning phase. Royal’s picks of Caitlyn and Kennen initially proved to be a good decision by Royal, as they were able to destroy turrets much earlier in the game compared to Game 1 and 2. But SKT’s top laner Impact picked Jax in all 3 games, and made a huge impact (sorry) in all of them. Impact made play after play and helped SKT slowly gain a lead over Royal. And one heartbreaking play for Royal basically summarized and clinched the entire series: Royal’s mid laner Wh1te3zZ had an easy tower dive kill against SKT’s support Zyra, but with some fantastic movement and a well placed grasping roots, Zyra managed to survive and kill Wh1te3zZ in the process. SKT rolled this momentum into a 3-0 sweep of Royal.

Winner – SK Telecom T1 (3-0)