Terraria 2 Has Been Announced

The 2D sandbox hit Terraria is getting a sequel, as revealed by Andrew “Redigit” Spinks.

In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Spinks told them:

I’m super excited about starting Terraria 2. It’s a ways out, but it’s gonna have a lot in common with the original. It’s gonna be quite different as well. I really want to expand on the whole Terraria universe.

He continued to express his fondness for the original game, but explained that it’s system is too limiting and that it’s time to move on. He wants to expand the playing field and for it to be much more than a single update could be. He also had this to say:

There’s a lot of stuff I’m locked into with Terraria. The way loot works, the way character progression works. In Terraria 2, I really want to have infinite worlds so you’re not just stuck to one world. You can travel anywhere. I want more biome diversity in that, too.


Spinks assured RPS that Terraria 2 would not be crowdfunded, and that he’d like to keep the development team rather small, possibly limited to himself.

When I made Terraria, I did it in four months, and I think I only paid, like, not very much – and that was just for the sound. explained. So I’d like to be able to do something similar with Terraria 2. My personal preference is that I never be in a position where I need to get money to fund my projects.

Terraria 2 is a long way off, but everyone who loves the game should get into playing it again right now, since the huge 1.2 update just came out. I would imagine the amount of content it added could satisfy Terraria fans for a while. Spinks stated that he thinks 1.2 will likely be the last large update to Terraria, but he would like to continue adding smaller updates for Halloween and such. He noted that the sequels development is likely to start 3 to 4 months from now.


(Source: RPS)