BioShock Infinite DLC Trailer Tries to Bring Rapture To Reality

In all of the BioShock games we’ve always been dropped right into their respective worlds, going along with the events that transpire there. But what happens outside those worlds?

This trailer tries to bring the world outside of Rapture to fruition, being filmed as if it’s an old-school documentary discussing the possibility of a city under the sea. In the trailer, we see a woman being questioned about some luggage that washed ashore that people assume is from Rapture, the city where BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea expansion will take place.


I think it’s a brilliant ad campaign, as it shows a little bit of the world outside the ones we’re accustomed to in the BioShock games, and how the normal world reacts to the things that we experience first-hand in these games. Hats off to the guys at 2K and Irrational for creating these unique little videos.