Xbox Live Gold Is Free This Weekend

For this weekend only, Microsoft will be providing Xbox Live Gold services for free.  For all you Silver users, this means you will be able to watch Netflix, catch up on ESPN and, yes, play GTA V online, assuming the servers are working properly by then.  Rejoice, for everybody else will surely be blaming you when they still can’t play GTA Online this weekend.

Silver users will get to experience a number of things typically locked behind a paywall, but obviously the most important is online multiplayer.  While I’m sure a number of games will get an uptick in players, w all know what this weekends destination multiplayer is going to be.  With the servers already logjammed however, this could be a less-than-ideal weekend for Silver users to make the most of their free weekend.

On the other hand, smart players will pick up the free game available to GOld users right now, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.  While not as high profile as some gamers might want, it is a serviceable match-three puzzler with fun RPG elements and an inviting art style, and it won’t cost you a dime.  It’s kind of shame this didn’t happen two weeks later.  The GTA servers will probably be stabilized by then, and the free game available will be Halo 3.  Oh well, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, they say.  Of course, you could always pony up the dough for a Gold account, if you don’t have one already.