‘Half-Life 2’

Valve Files ‘Half-Life 3’ Trademark in Europe

Well, here’s something that may start a kerfuffle: bigwig Valve has filed a trademark for the long-awaited ‘Half-Life 3’, the  fabled sequel of the ‘Half-Life’ series.

Valve filed the trademark for ‘Half-Life 3’ in Europe with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (an EU trademark registry). The trademark apparently covers “computer game software”, “downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices” and other things, according to PlayStation LifeStyle.

Rumours of ‘Half-Life 3’ being a thing have come and gone all over the place, I feel – and I think it has practically turned in to a meme now: “Oh, Valve have got something up their sleeve? Let’s hope it’s ‘Half-Life 3’!”

‘Half-Life 3’ in particular seems to be one of those titles that fleetingly shows itself from the aether, and promptly retreats back into it whenever someone notices it, to which it’s quickly followed by an entourage of fans who want to make sure what they saw wasn’t a figment of their imagination. Which is something I don’t particularly blame them for really. I mean, I’m sure I’d do the same thing for a title that I was particularly captured by. *Cough-cough* ‘Homeworld 3’, amongst others! *cough-cough*.

Could this be the final straw to pull on that ends up in being definitive proof that Valve actually are working in ‘Half-Life 3’ in the background? Well, no. We can only speculate at the this point, since nothing can really be taken from this, other than Valve making sure that the ‘Half-Life 3’ name is their’s, and probably so that no-one nicks a title that connects to their IP.

I’ve gotten to a point where ‘Half-Life 3’ is just something that occurs every so often that doesn’t really hold have much meaning anymore, which is unfortunate because I actually really enjoyed the previous games of the ‘Half-Life’ series. It’s like the 11 o’clock hype-bus you skipped breakfast for, but upon arriving at the bus stop you see the hype-bus itself speeding into the distance, to which you spent the next 20 minutes or so mopping about being late for college for the third day in a row. Put simply: you either catch it on time or spend 20 minutes catching up to everyone else!

Kind of like me and ‘Gears of War 3’ I suppose.

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What do you think of Valve filing a trademark for ‘Half-Life 3’? Let us know in the comments!

Chirps to PlayStation LifeStyle. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!