Hot Tin Roof ends Kickstarter campaign with $25,000

After 34 days of fundraising the game Hot Tin Roof has raised over $25,000 compared to its goal of $20,000. Hot Tin Roof ended its Kickstarter campaign on Sunday   and is now on its way to meet is 2014 expected release date and is expected to be released on PC, Mac and linux.

The game will feature a mixture of many different game types set in a noir setting. The game will be a Metroidvania platformer where you can explore a massive 3D city and talk and interact with a variety of interesting characters. The game takes place in a 3D world but played on 2D plane so you will be able to rotate the world which will open new areas to explore.

In the game you will play as private investigator Emma Jones with a cat for a partner. Your partner is named Franky is the first ever cat investigator and will always be at your side whenever you are in tough situation. The game will force Emma and Franky to solve a string of brutal murders.

Besides platforming the game will also involve puzzle solving. And, the game will feature an unique weapon where your revolver  has different types of ammunition from bullets to grappling hooks to blood splats.  You can even determine when you want each type of ammo to be fired which could be a life saver in combat.

The game has been in production for over five months and the Kickstarter funds will go towards adding more content and to help flesh out the world more. On the Kickstaer page the developers have stated that the game should be about the same length as Guacamelee.

Besides doing the Kickstarter, the developers Glass Bottom Games is also running a Steam Greenlight campaign to hopefully get the game on Steam. Also, the game’s designer Megan Fox recently answered question on a Reddit IAMA about a week ago.

Did you donate towards this Kickstarter? And, what’s your opinion having a fedora wearing cat as your partner. Leave your responses in the comments below.


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