3 Reasons Why I Don’t Want a Metal Gear Solid Movie

Metal Gear Solid is a series loved by many, and while a movie adaptation in in the works, I don’t think it should be. Here are my three simple reasons as to why Metal Gear should stick to being a video game series.


  • REASON 1: Metal Gear Solid is a video game series. 

Hideo Kojima and his team made Metal Gear Solid for the PSX with the intention to create a story-heavy stealth game, and it worked. It’s still one of my favourite PSX games of all time, and definitely my favourite stealth game. The games after the first Metal Gear Solid only expanded on what the first game did so well. The games got more outlandish, there was more crawling, and there were even more nanomachines.

Why force a change to this loved franchise? The Metal Gear games aren’t meant to be movies, but I can see why some people might laugh at that. Metal Gear Solid has always been very cinematic, stringing together cutscenes like it’s nobodies business. Some of them stretched as far as the thirty-minute mark, and that’s wild. But I loved every second. The cutscenes are meant for you to indulge and get lost in this crazy and complex world filled with psychos and nanomachines.

While many people may disagree, considering the length of their cutscenes, every Metal Gear Solid needed it’s gameplay as a glue to keep the whole thing together. It was necessary and
completely engrossing. SPOILERS for anyone who hasn’t beaten Metal Gear Solid 4, but the scene near the end where Snake is going through the hallway that’s burning through his skin
and suit, it’s so compelling because you’re playing through it. You’re forcing Snake forward and it felt painful for the player as well, who had grown attached to Snake as a
character. Seeing him go through such pain and agony, while you’re the only one making him continue his strenuous journey to it’s finale. It was riveting and heart breaking at the
same time because you controlled it. Moments like these and the few torture scenes make it obvious why these are games in the first place. These are interactive stories, video games
are an interactive medium for art and storytelling, which Metal Gear Solid gets so right.


  • REASON 2: This is pretty long movie.

This is probably a laughable topic for many, but the Metal Gear Solid games stretch pretty far in terms of length. It’s laughable because of the plethora of cutscenes present in each game, prolonging the finale. But I’d argue that a majority of the scenes are necessary and are there to move the characters or story forward. Some people would say that the Metal Gear Solid games are already pretty long movies.

The gameplay itself begs for patience and therefore increases it’s length right there. Crawling around on your belly and hiding in lockers can be a stressful task, so take your time and make sure you get it right so that they enemy never notices you. With the exception of bosses, I’m sure you can do most of the Metal Gear Solid games without being seen or sending the guards into alert. Stealth gameplay begs for patience and punishes those who can’t wait a few seconds longer just because they say, “I think I can make it”. Be sure, be patient, you’ll be rewarded.

Plus, while you’re slithering around as a Snake, don’t forget to take in the scenery. There are a ton of Easter eggs and funny junk hidden in the Metal Gear Solid games. Some of it will also require a certain amount of patience. It’s likely that they all wouldn’t make it into the movie(s), which would be a shame.

The games are just too long, there’s so much that they would have to cram into a movie that will probably only be about two hours long. There’s a lot of story that spans a large timeline, which is just perfect for games, not so much for feature films.


  • REASON 3: Is this déjà vu?

This one is the most simple and shortest of the trio. The Metal Gear Solid story already exists, it has been released, re-released, and re-re-released. There is no need to tell this story again. Now, if they decided to tell a different  story in the Metal Gear universe, that’s A-OK by me. I’m actually all for that, as long as the writers from the game series is a big part of writing it. That way there are no  conflicting storylines or characters and everything is right.

But as much as we love Snake and company, we’ve done this all before and it would merely be a backtrack through nostalgia lane. Now, this list does not portray anyone elses view, and if it does, that’s purely coincidental. These are my opinions and I’m not saying you’re wrong for wanting a Metal Gear Solid movie.


  • BONUS REASON: This isn’t like the game at all.

While I did enjoy Prince of Persia: The Sands of Gyllenhaal, it definitely didn’t live up to it’s video game counterpart. Aside from that, let’s just take a moment to remember Doom, Super Mario Bros., DOA: Dead or Alive, and… BloodRayne?

Ugh, gross. How about we wash that nasty taste out of our mouths with some of my favourite Metal Gear Solid scenes so far.

NOTE: Some spoilers!