Pokemon X and Y’s Fossil Pokemon

Pokemon is the beast that cannot be slain.  Since the franchise’s inception more than 15 years ago, gamers have aggressively sought to catch every type, evolution, and now even nature.

Next month brings us the next pokemon games in the franchise.  Though the game will bring the most innovation to the franchise in many years, there are always several constants that we’ve come to rely on from Nintendo and Game Freak.  Trainers always get a starter pokemon at the start of the game, a sinister plot will unravel, a pain of a rival, and the story culminate with the trainer becoming the best of the best.

Another component that we can expect is the incorporation of fossil pokemon in the quest to catch ‘em all.  As old as the red, blue, and green versions themselves, fossil pokemon have been a fun way to incorporate more more pokemon into the game with a heightened sense of exclusivity.

You can expect Pokemon X and Y will bring two new fossils to the game.  By acquiring the Jaw fossil, players can revive and capture rock/dragon type, Tyrunt.  It’s about time that the pokemon community had a creature that resembles a tyrannosaurus, and it would appear that Tyrunt fits the bill.  Tyrunt will evolve into Tyrantrum.  Players that choose the Sail fossil can snag Amaura, a rock/ice type pokemon.  Amaura will be able to evolve into Aurorus, adding another dino-centric pokemon to the list.

Tyrunt-X-and-Y Tyrantrum-X-and-Y

Amaura-X-and-Y Aurorus-X-and-Y

Admittedly, these new prehistoric pokemon appear to be kind of cool.  In the first generation games, players were only able to choose one fossil to be revived, though this has since been reversed.  There is currently no word on whether or not both will be available and X and Y, and what conditions, if any, must be met to get the second fossil.  It should come as a relief to know that the pokemon community is so large, the answer to that question will likely be answered in a number of days following the game’s release October 12th.  Until then, prepare yourself and loved ones for a long Autumn choc-full of Poke-fever.