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First Indie Flying ‘Welcome’ Bundle Launched

Another website is entering the indie bundle arena to contend with the likes of Humble Bundle and Indie Royale. The Welcome bundle is the first entry in Flying Bundle’s list, featuring 11 games for Steam and Desura. This newest offering should prove interesting for bundle buffs as you can grab a few games that haven’t been available in any other packs yet. Here’s a run down of what you can get:

Tier One: $1

Tier Two: $3.50

  • Bridge It (Desura)
  • Clones (Steam/Desura)
  • Ittle Dew (Steam)
  • The Polynomial – Space of the music (Steam)
  • Mystery game to be revealed later

You also have the option to donate 10% of your payment of charity. The Little Bamboo Foundation helps to provide and develop education in the Filipines.