‘Star Wars’ Death Star Trench Run

‘Star Wars’ Goodness with the Death Star Trench Run on Oculus Rift

So, here I am – getting ready to start the day with some toast and coffee – when I search for recent happenings of my favourite pastime and find something quite nostalgic.

Star Wars, ladies and gentlemen, can be argued as being one of the most nostalgic films among those who consider themselves geeks, I believe. With fantasies of a galaxy far, far away, and dueling with wooden branches with your friends as a supplement for lightsabers, I for one was captured by the Star Wars universe when I first watched it back when I was very, very young – and I continue to be captured by it whenever I revisit it.

The deciding moment of Star Wars Episode IV, where Luke Skywalker is hurtling through the Death Star’s trenches to blow shiz up, has been recreated in Virtual-Reality goodness on the Oculus Rift.

Powered by the Unity engine, this blast of from the past was made public online via a YouTuber by the name of Boone Calhoun. Details on this — tech demo are pretty much non-existent. I imagine more details on it may become available later down the line – assuming Disney doesn’t crack down on it. I hope that this project isn’t prematurely shut down due to some sort of a legal rights dispute, especially since the video is chock-full of assets from the Star Wars universe: design, sound effects, audio, etc.

I hope this tech demo goes far, and becomes something more than an on-rails shooter experience.

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What do you think of the ‘Star Wars’ Death Star trench run on the Oculus Rift? Let us know in the comments!

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