Beyond Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls Development Cost was $27 Million

David Cage of Quantic Dream revealed in a recent interview that the development of his latest cinematic gaming experience, Beyond: Two Souls, cost $27 million.

Picked up by Hardcore Gamer, the interview between Cage and French website Le Figaro stated the budget of Beyond: Two Souls reached 20 million euros, which is equivalent to $27 million in North America. In comparison to Cage’s previous PlayStation 3 game, Heavy Rain cost $40 million and grossed $100 million in sales. However, the budget for Heavy Rain included marketing cost by Sony, while Beyond: Two Souls only factored development cost by Quantic Dream. Despite this, the budget for Beyond: Two Souls is surprising moderate when compared to other AAA Western titles, such as the $265 million budget of  Grand Theft Auto V.

Beyond: Two Souls’ cost is also surprising due to the heavy involvement of Hollywood stars in the game, like Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. Another Hollywood talent involved with the game is musical composer Hans Zimmer, whose previous work includes Man of Steel and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Cage often faces criticism for favoring a theatrical presentation in his games and even advertising them as such. While Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls seem more like movies than video games, they don’t succumb to the high-budget cost that often overwhelms them.

Beyond: Two Souls will arrive in America on October 8th. A demo will be available for the PS3 on October 1st.