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Smite Giveaway – Thanatos, the god of death

Smite, the latest game by Hi-Rez has slowly been gaining popularity in the past few months.  The over-the-shoulder MOBA has made waves with its unique “angle” on the genre of DOTA-like games.  The new perspective is enough of a change to ensnare the attentions of fans by the thousands and, if the burgeoning competitive scene is anything to go by, Smite’s future is promising.  In Smite, you play as various gods, goddesses, and mythic figures from a number of different pantheons ranging from Greek to Egyptian, Norse and Chinese.  As a free-to-play game, you can purchase gems to unlock gods while going around the favor (the resource earned through playing in matches) costs as well as acquiring epic skins only purchasable with gems.

However, if you are not a fan of waiting or spending money then this next bit is for you — the rest of you can join too — so listen up.  To celebrate Thanatos coming from the underworld to fight with the other gods and goddesses, Hi-Rez has given Leviathyn two(2) codes to unlock Thanatos in-game.  While Hi-Rez Studios does have the “Ultimate God Pack” offer, if you are like me and didn’t buy it, this is a chance to get your hands on the newest physical assassin to roam the halls of Smite.  That means you are bypassing the “new god” price of 11,000-favor or, if you were willing to shell out real money, the 200-gem price.  Here’s a look at the god you could be winning:


How to Enter

Entering the contest is fairly simple:

1.  Like the accompanying Facebook page.

2.  Share the Facebook post.


3.  Comment exactly why you would want go into battle with Thanatos as your champion.

The contest will run for a week and the two(2) winners will be selected from the comments on the Facebook post.  Though comments on this post are always accepted, only comments on the Facebook post will be permissible as a contest entry.  After the contest comes to an end, the winners will be reached about an contact email to send the code to.  Good luck and may the gods be with you.

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  1. RainXD

    Hello I wish to have Thanatos because i LOVE how he looks and i like his ultimate very much because when you have your ultimate its like you can get a kill every time without problems ^_^. Smite IGN: RainXD

  2. Zendy

    I love Thanatos, the char is op, skills are great, damage is high and mobility is perfect, if you have 1 key left please send me 1. ^^

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